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Latinx Institute Research Assistant – S. Santos Dietz [work study]

  • Work-Study (AUNE)
  • Remote

Antioch University New England

Start Date: 5/4/2024
End Date: 5/2/2025
Number of Positions: 2 (the institute is working on establishing a solid research agenda and the work can divided among two students or one with more hours)
Hours per Week: 10 hrs/wk
Weekends Required: No
Evenings Required: No

Supervisor: Syntia Santos Dietz / Latinx Mental Health & Social Justice

Alternate Supervisor: Catherine Lounsbury

This position allows for remote work Yes/No: Yes

Percentage of time that could be remote (0-100%): 100% of the work will be remote

Method to assess remote work: Assessment will take place through weekly meetings with supervisor and evidence of work submitted weekly related to established goals. Outcomes are to celebrate, support, share resources, and amplify voices of Latinx people through research, as well as supporting grant seeking and other funding to support the work of the institute.

Job Description

  • Work with the Institute’s executive board to establish, promote, and grow the Latinx Mental Health and Social Justice Institute in support of the Latinx community through research initiatives.
  • Tasks include: weekly meetings with supervisor (1 hour), weekly working meetings with Institute’s research team (1-2 hours), literature review (2 – 5 hours), search for resources and dissemination outlets (journals, conference presentations, etc.) (2 – 4), and engage on institute’s projects/initiatives related research and grants as they are developed (2 – 10 hours).
  • Activities will vary depending on the progress in the current research project(s) and grant seeking options.


Applicants must have interest and basic understanding of the Latinx/e community and on research. Must be committed to working towards the Latinx/e community well-being particularly related to mental health and social justice. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about research, organized, skillful in academic writing (APA format), are familiar and interested in learning more about research and grant seeking, and able to take initiative in meeting the goals of the institute.
Prior research and grant seeking experience are preferred.

How to Apply: CV, email letter of interest

Email: [email protected]

Position Type: Work Study

Department: Latinx Mental Health & Social Justice Institute

To apply for this job please visit antionch.edu.

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