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Media Assistant (WEX Graduate Assistant)

  • Work-Study (AULA)
  • Remote
  • This position has been filled

Start Date: 11/1/2022
End Date: 6/30/2023
Number of Positions: 1
Hours per Week: 10-15
Remote position: Yes
Supervisor: Kat Bell / Tammy Cloutier
Pay rate: $17.27/hour

Job Description
The Writers’ Exchange (WEX) is a fee-based professional writing service that supports
Antioch and non-Antioch clientele. Although the core of this work is primarily with doctoral
candidates, WEX assists writers with any project where a polished final product is needed
for publication. This ranges from grammatical assistance, to developing outlines and plans
for a manuscript, to format editing for style and program guidelines on dissertations and
WEX is committed to providing professional writing support and empowering writers both
within and outside of the Antioch community and is currently hiring two Graduate Assistant
positions to support the WEX Director, Manager, and clients. These positions are best
suited for students with at least two years left in their program.
Responsibilities and roles listed below will be divided between two GAs based on the
availability and experience of applicants; students need not have experience in all areas
below to apply.
WEX Website Updates, Edits, and Publishing:
● Featured client posts
○ Creating and posting articles on recent dissertation clients
○ Corresponding with potential featured clients
● Creating blog posts when requested by director
● Making aesthetic improvements to wex.antioch.edu
● Making user-friendly improvements to wex.antioch.edu
● Keeping service and package descriptions up-to-date on wex.antioch.edu
● Ensuring consistency of service descriptions in Submittable

WEX Media Support:
● Create content for various social media pages including Instagram, Facebook, and
● Familiarity with Canva or other graphic platforms
● Making aesthetic improvements to WEX documents when needed
● Communicate with staff to highlight important updates within WEX via media
● Relay interest and communication received through social media platforms to WEX
Graduate Assistants should have proficiency in writing and facility with online
communication. GAs should be effective collaborators and communicators interested in
supporting other students’ growth as writers. As all WEX work is virtual, GAs must have a
strong self-directed work ethic and be able to regularly schedule and fulfill their
responsibilities. The ability to work as part of a team and communicate well with team
members is crucial. Prior experience with WordPress (or a similar platform) and aptitude
for technology are required for the website elements. Most importantly, we seek
individuals who are reflective and collaborative, able to accept and utilize feedback, and
eager to grow and develop their own skills.
GAs may set their own work schedule with some flexibility as long as they can commit to
the required total hours, provide at least one regular availability period per week, and
complete tasks on time.
Only students with Federal Work-Study eligibility may apply. Contact the Financial Aid Office
if you have any questions about your eligibility.
Oversight of remote work
WEX Graduate Assistants meet regularly with the Director and WEX Manager, confer via
email during work time, attend regular group professional development meetings, track
tasks in Asana, and document their hours and projects in a variety of shared documents
and task lists in the WEX Google Drive.
To apply: please email a cover letter and resume to [email protected] discussing your past
experience with writing and writing support and anything else you’d like to share about
your interest in these positions.

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