Antioch University
New England

A progressive university where theory meets practice.

The World Needs You, Now.

At Antioch University New England, we just don’t believe that being like everyone else will improve the world. Our programs inspire the personal growth and capacity for understanding (in your chosen discipline) to live up to today's toughest challenges while embracing and celebrating differences that will help you innovate in your chosen field.

Across every discipline, subject matter and topic - learning benefits from doing. By learning how to align practice with theory, we empower individuals who know that one person can make a difference. We believe doing well and doing good are inseparable goals.


Antioch University New England became a leader in progressive education in 1964. Since then, we’ve expanded our degree options in areas such as psychology, counseling and therapy, and environmental studies, while still leveraging the effectiveness of experiential education. Find an inspiring degree for wherever you are in life and begin your pursuit of a successful – and meaningful – career.


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