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Antioch University

Approaching education through a practical lens.

programs are designed to meet societal needs

In recent years Seattle has experienced a cultural and technological renaissance, bringing together a diverse group of people across a multitude of advanced industries. We aim to bring a fresh perspective to this growing city by developing superior leaders, championing cultural inclusion, and leading the way towards a more sustainable, healthier future. Join a committed team of faculty, students, and educators dedicated to the betterment of our city.

An example of Antioch University programs that are uniquely designed for the needs of the community.


AUS aims to satisfy Seattle's culturally diverse and progressive educational needs with a variety of degree options in several different fields. Find an inspiring degree for wherever you are in life and begin your pursuit of a successful – and meaningful – career.


Learn more about attending Antioch University Seattle at one of our upcoming Admissions events.

Provost BEN PRY0R TALKS ABOUT the new seattle campus building


  • Hispanic Heritage Month
    on September 15, 2022

    I am Douglas. I live in Seattle, Washington. I was born in Los Angeles, California, in a predominantly Latinx community to Mexican immigrant parents. As most people in my community, I came from a […]

  • Cool Course: Helping Counselors Treat Clients’ Cultural Needs in “Global Mental Health” 
    on September 1, 2022

    “Education needs to have different stories,” Mariameé Gonzalez says. And she’s working to do exactly that, to bring those different stories to the Antioch Seattle classroom and to expand the […]

  • Jazmine Casey, MA in Teaching
    on August 23, 2022

    I was a preschool teacher for seven years and then I decided to take myself to the next level and get into elementary school. I chose Antioch because I really love their flexible schedule for working […]

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