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Welcome to Antioch University Seattle!


You’re now an Antiochian at Antioch University Seattle (AUS). Being an Antiochian means being part of a national community dedicated to creating change and discovering potential, whether that’s in your own life, your community, or the world. The choice is yours.

Let’s get to know your campus and its city, Seattle.

Your Campus

In 1975, a group of educators took Antioch University’s 144-year-old values of critical thinking, experiential learning, inclusion, and social justice and planted a seed in Fremont, an artistic enclave just north of downtown Seattle. Would that seed, located over an easy-listening station, grow and flourish?Nurtured by Seattle’s progressive values, by 2005 the new campus grew from 15 students and three programs to be the largest in the Antioch system, a constellation which at one time boasted over 35 similar pop-up style campuses.

Seattle is the perfect home for Antioch University—a magnet for the quirky, diverse, and politically engaged personalities who create our finest art, incomparable innovations, and latest music genres. AUS is Seattle distilled—creative, concerned, and compassionate.


Seattle is home to great food, coffee, natural attractions, and amazing people. If there’s a negative to the area, it’s the rainy winters, which are offset by stunning clear summers. The city is also home to grass roots activism and progressive values.

Want to know more? Read on!

Your City

Food & Beverages

Seattle is a great place to grab grub, and it’s food allergy and vegan friendly. We’re famous for our food trucks, and even have apps to hunt them down. Yelp and TripAdvisor also have nifty search features to connect you to the noms you’re looking for.

Seattle is known for our bean brew, seeing as how a famous little coffee brand got its start a half mile from our campus. You can’t walk more than three city blocks before bumping into a coffee shop somewhere along the way.

Seattleites also like craft beers, and we have breweries throughout the area. In fact, Yakima, located in central Washington, is the number one producer of hops in the country. And since Washington State grows almost half of the country’s apples, we’ve got some amazing cider houses to visit, too.

Things to Do

The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful natural areas in the country. Cedars, Douglas firs, and winding trails that lead you to mountain lakes nestled on a peak are some of nature’s biggest draws. We also have ice caves, waterfalls, ocean beaches, islands, mountains, deserts and more. Climbing, hiking, camping, sailing, biking, and kayaking are big to-dos in the summer months.

For outdoor adventures, use the Washington State Trails app to discover why PNW’ers love to get out in nature in all weather.

Seattle has a thriving live and music and DJ scene. Summer through Fall is music festival season, and you’ll find events indoors, and out, to get your groove on.

We also have a great theater and improv/comedy scene, and several indie and underground communities putting on great shows. Fremont and Georgetown are homes to fantastically unique performances.

The Stranger, our local paper and home of the (in)famous Dan Savage, can connect you to free and low-cost activities, which can connect you to events and communities in the area for all topics and interests.


We owe our glorious mountain vistas, tumbling waterfalls, and beautiful old growth forests to the legendary Seattle rains. Come the end of September/early October, the rains arrive and make our area green again. TL;DR: There’s a good chance you’re going to get damp September-June.

The winds here can on occasion eviscerate umbrellas, so it’s often better to invest in good water resistant outer wear. You’ll understand why everyone wears Columbia and North Face gear after your first Seattle winter. It’s not all rain, though, for nine months. It’s a lot of gray and fog with the occasional snow shower towards January-February.

When it comes to summer, though, no city compares to Seattle. July 5th is the unofficial start of summer and clear blue skies and temperatures in the 70’s will last through to August before slowly climbing and hovering in the 80’s. We can get into the nineties mid to late August, but our relatively low humidity (relative to Tampa, FL or St. Louis, MO) means no heat index.

Housing and Neighborhoods

Seattle is rated as one of the eight most walkable US cities and is broken up into about 85 neighborhoods with varying walk scores. Below in green are the top ten most affordable and walkable neighborhoods (walk scores in parentheses) with access to bus lines running to AUS. Prices are Seattle median for one-bedroom apartments.

Map of Seattle and Environs

Finding Roommates and Other Shared Housing

There are plenty of places to look for great roommates when seeking housing in Seattle neighborhoods. One of two good and free resources is the Antioch University Seattle-Housing Resource Facebook page, where fellow Antiochians look for roomies. You’ll need to join, but this is a great resource to find other students looking for shared housing.

The other, a fruitful and free option, is Seattle Craigslist.

Transportation and Parking

Mass transit in Seattle is run by King County Metro, which offers discounts for qualifying recipients, including students, through Orca Lift—up to half the cost of the fare.

Mass transit also runs throughout most of the Puget Sound Area. There’s even a bus line to take you to the Olympic Peninsula. Or take a ferry and check out the islands using the island metro system, or use it to go hiking on the area’s many beautiful trail systems.

The AUS campus is within five blocks of major bus lines. If you’re bussing to campus, consider downloading the One Bus Away app for smartphones or use the desktop version to keep track of arrival/departure times in the Puget Sound area.

If mass transit isn’t your thing, street parking and lot parking are available. Antioch also has limited spaces available underneath the building. There are spaces for visitors with disabilities located near the basement elevator for easy access to the second floor of the building.

Monthly parking passes may be a good option for you if you spend most of the day most days a week on campus. If you’re interested in a pass, you must fill out an online application. Passes are available for two locations:

  • Garage at 3rd and Battery (33 spaces available; $293.04 per month)
  • Outdoor lot at 4th and Battery (24 spaces available; $201.47 per month)
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