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Message From The Chair

At Antioch University New England, we believe in educating the whole child. We believe that everybody matters: the child and the teachers. Equity means creating systems that allow every child to matter. Schools need to address that.

Reflective teaching practice: it’s really important that teachers have the chance to think about what they’re doing. That includes being able to reflect on our own assumptions around race and class. 

Classes Cultivate Community

Like-minded community. We’ve got a vibrant and engaged community. No matter the program, our courses cultivate community.  We create safe and dynamic spaces where students find camaraderie, nourishment, challenge, and inspiration. Our students often say, “I feel like I’ve found my people. This is my niche. This is my place.”

The World Needs You

We are facing nationwide teacher shortages, but especially in high need areas like special education. If you can see yourself in this calling, there couldn’t be a better time to get your degree and become a teacher. 

Integrated Learning

At Antioch, we use in-depth thematic studies to make the learning experience more cohesive, effective, and engaging. Our; meaningful learning cuts across subject areas. We teach to the whole child, while simultaneously addressing standards.

Credits Needed

Quarter Credits

Time to complete

As little as
one year


& Remote


Keene, New Hampshire

Experiential Learning: Making the World a More Wondrous Place for Children

As teachers, we want to help kids with their skills—but we also want to help them build a love of learning and a hunger to explore the world. Our programs are all designed to nurture the feelings of wonder and engagement that all children innately possess.

Many Opportunities to Specialize

Reggio Emilia

The Reggio Emilia approach to working with young children views the child as competent, creative, curious, and full of wonderings. In our program—the first and only Graduate Certificate in the Reggio Emilia Approach—you learn to structure the classroom, inside and outside, to support your students’ innate curiosity and capability.

Trauma-Informed Education

Join the growing movement of educators improving interaction and student success by recognizing signs of developmental trauma and responding thoughtfully, informed by the latest in science and pedagogy.

On the Cutting Edge of Special Education

We take a holistic approach to special education. There are so many ways of taking in information and interacting with the world, from reading and studying to making art and dancing. Each approach has great value, so we fill our Antioch classrooms with paints and puppets, to give you experiences that you can share with all of your students.

A Deep History in Waldorf Education

For decades, Antioch has been at the forefront of Waldorf teacher education, helping teachers lead students to develop the capacities of wonder, curiosity, and the ability to solve problems.. We now offer three different ways for you to get your MEd in Waldorf Education, along with several certificates in Waldorf education.

Visit our Waldorf Anytime Open House Page to watch more faculty videos, learn about the history of Waldorf, and hear about our three Waldorf MEd programs.

Programs for Experienced Educators

Are you already a working teacher? You need a program that works for you! Our transformative Experienced Educators MEd and Certificate programs will help you meet your professional and personal goals by building on your expertise and supporting new growth.

Visit our Experienced Educators Open House Page to watch more faculty videos, learn about our inspiring concentrations and certificates that have been designed to intersect with your existing work, be it in the classroom, a community-based setting, or in higher education.

Humane Education

Become a “solutionary.” The MA in Humane Education teaches students to raise awareness and educate effectively about the interconnected issues that affect people, animals, and the environment, with a focus on bringing about long-term, systemic change. The degree is offered through a partnership with the Institute for Humane Education.

Success Stories

Antioch students experience diverse perspectives, gather knowledge and learn the needed skills to achieve their professional goals, take action that advances justice and lead to positive change.

Maira Arteaga

MEd Integrated Learning / Early Childhood Education

Innovations from a Pandemic Classroom

Hannah French

MEd in Elementary Education '17

Turning Forest Fridays Into Forest Everydays

Liza Lowe

MEd in Elementary Education ’09

Outside is the New Inside: Exploring and Learning in Nature

Cool Courses

The foundation of learning at Antioch is our classrooms — and we strive to give our students some of the most interesting and engaging learning experiences of their lives. Our instructors’ enthusiasm can give you a taste of just how cool these courses are.

It's your degree. You are in charge.

It’s your degree and you should get to do with it what you want. At Antioch, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your graduate degree. We are here to help you get where you want.

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