Get to know our BA and BS completion programs from the comfort of your own home. ​

Even though you can’t come to campus just yet, you can still explore what it’s like to join a learning community like Antioch University Santa Barbara. 

Our faculty have recorded videos that present some of the topics you would learn about at a campus open house. Browse through the content below to discover more about our learning community, small classes, transfer and prior learning credits, and what it’s like to learn at Antioch right now. 

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Our small, interactive classes are offered in face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats.

A Different Sort of Learning at Antioch

The Santa Barbara campus offers five types of undergraduate degree programs: the flexible BA in Liberal Studies with seven concentration options, the BA in Psychology, the BA in Management, and the three Applied Studies degree programs that allow students to transfer in vocational and technical units. 

For nearly 45 years, Antioch University Santa Barbara (AUSB) has helped adult students like you complete a bachelor’s degree while staying true to our social justice mission. Whether you want to advance your education, your career, or both, Antioch invites you to join an active and engaged community of learners.

Classes for Adults

Every student at Antioch is here with one common goal: to better themselves through education. Antioch’s powerful combination of individualized advising and flexible learning is tailored to your strengths and goals. By studying alongside peers on a similar life path, you have the benefit of collaborating with other students who take learning seriously. At Antioch, you’ll join a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

Our undergraduate programs were created with adult learners in mind. We value the experience you bring to the classroom. Instead of taking exams, you’ll write papers and create hands-on projects. You’ll receive a narrative evaluation for every class, with the option of a letter grade if you need it.

Transfer Credit, Prior Learning and 3 + 1

Our admissions process focuses holistically on your life experience, taking into consideration the possibility you may be returning to formal education after many years. Antioch gives your transcripts a careful review to help you maximize transfer credits and save on time and tuition costs. We transfer both traditional credits, and in the case of our Applied Studies programs, vocational and technical credits.

We want to help you re-enter college and finish your degree as quickly, easily, and successfully as possible. We believe that hands-on, experiential learning is vital to personal and professional growth. You can convert your lived, earned knowledge into academic credit through Antioch’s renowned Prior Learning program. In some cases, your technical training, military experience, or work experience can be applied to your education. In classes and internships, you’ll learn skills that are directly translatable to your field.

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We are committed to social justice, individualized learning, and cultivating a supportive community of learners. Our collaborative environments emphasize learning through meaningful interactions with other adult learners.

Choose Your Path, We’ll Guide You

Intimate classes and professors who care about their students are part of the DNA at Antioch University. Our faculty are responsive, knowledgeable, and ready to help you throughout your studies. Individualized attention allows you to build outstanding rapport with professors who are trained to adapt to each individual’s learning style.

We recognize that it’s not possible to put life on hold while you go back to school. By offering a personalized course structure and a robust selection of evening and weekend courses, as well as remote courses, you’ll be able to find a degree that fits your busy schedule and gives you the learning outcomes you need to succeed.

Find the vocational path that was meant for you.

Career Services provides the resources and strategies to support your career and employment goals. We offer assessment tools as a way to begin your career exploration and identify your interests, skills, and work values. Receive assistance writing a resume and cover letter, and practice your interview skills. When you are ready to gain practical experience through an internship, we will help find the right opportunity for you. 

Success Stories

Antioch students experience diverse perspectives, gather knowledge and learn the needed skills to achieve their professional goals, take action that advances justice and leads to positive change.

Maya Johnson

Maja Jonson

Building awareness around homelessness and affordable housing as a potential solution.

Eva Loeffler

Eva Loeffler

Finding the support she needed to complete her undergraduate degree.

Moreno with his family

Fernando Moreno

Looking back to build a future for his family.

Don’t Let Math Hold You Back

You don’t need to have already taken math before you transfer to Antioch. Take it with us instead—our small classes supported by free individual tutoring teach math in a way that makes it relevant and understandable.

Learning Right Now

We’ve changed the way we deliver classes right now—because our community’s safety is of the utmost importance. But remote courses have not changed our mission—we are still committed to social justice, individualized learning, and cultivating a supportive community of learners.

Cool Courses

The foundation of learning at Antioch is the classroom — and we strive to give our students some of the most interesting and engaging learning experiences of their lives. Our instructors’ enthusiasm can give you a taste of just how cool these courses are.

Our Admissions Team is here for you

Applying to Antioch University should be easy—and we do everything we can to make it that way. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our admissions team for guidance and assistance. And in the meantime, enjoy these two videos. In one our Associate Director of Admissions breaks the application process down into three easy steps. In the other, one of our writing teachers demystifies the process of writing the application essay, breaking it down into do-able pieces: brainstorming ideas, outlining, writing a first draft … and, perhaps most importantly, quieting the internal critical voice.

Your time is now

Don’t Wait. Now is a great time to finish what you’ve started — complete your bachelor’s degree at Antioch University Santa Barbara. ​

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