PhD in Leadership and Change cohort 2010

Healthcare Concentration

PhD in Leadership and Change

Healthcare Concentration

This concentration within the PhD in Leadership and Change program focuses on understanding, researching and leading change in organizations, workplaces, and the professions involved in the healthcare field. The concentration offers an opportunity for those leading change in a variety of healthcare organizations and a range of healthcare professions to engage in meaningful study and applied research that impacts and improves their practice. Students in the healthcare concentration bring the lens of leadership and change to such topics as relationship-centered care, community access, education and advocacy, socially responsible and ethical decision making, and values-based change strategies in environments of high complexity.

The PhDLC for Healthcare:

  • Integrates the expertise of students and their professional experiences into the ongoing curriculum modeling the contributions of practitioner-scholars.
  • Offers an integrated curriculum in which healthcare-focused students move seamlessly between three face-to-face residencies annually and weekly virtual activities, some of which are peer team-based learning and others which are individualized and self-paced.
  • Holds an international residency to examine and learn from healthcare delivery systems in other countries.
  • Takes to heart that “evidence-based” is grounded in both quantitative  and qualitative ways of knowing and emphasizes research approaches that are both traditionally accepted and those that are challenging to the healthcare field.
  • Highlights the theories, research and practices of leading change rather than the management of human and financial resources that is prevalent within traditional doctorates in healthcare administration.