Laurien Alexandre, PhD

Dr. Laurien Alexandre is the Provost of Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership & Change, a new university division dedicated to preparing scholar-practitioners to lead change that improves the lives of those being served in organizations, workplaces, and communities around the globe.

She first came to Antioch University in 1991 as the Dean of Academic Affairs for the institution’s two Southern California campuses. In 1999, Laurien took a re-assignment with the university to head the design and implementation of the PhD in Leadership & Change. She has proudly served as the founding program director. In 2006, Laurien accepted the promotion to Vice Chancellor of University Academic Affairs, while still retaining her role with the PhD program. In 2013, she chose to step down from the Vice Chancellor position in order to spend more time with the PhD in Leadership & Change Program and its growth in the University-wide Graduate School, with expanded degree and non degree programs.

During her over 30 years in higher education, she has served in leadership roles at Antioch University as well as the Immaculate Heart College Center, an ecumenical institute devoted to research and training on peace, justice and global concerns, where she directed a teaching training (K-16) program on international and multicultural classrooms. She also taught for over 10 years at California State University, Northridge, in the Department of Mass Communications/Journalism where her focus was on graduate courses in media analysis.

Education and Research

Dr. Alexandre received her PhD in Comparative Culture from the University of California, Irvine in 1984. She has a MA in Comparative Culture as well, and also a MA in Media Studies from California State University Northridge. She has long been committed to interdisciplinary inquiry, especially in her teaching and writing on media and gender issues. She has published several books and a wide range of articles on the media for both academic and popular audiences, and she has also translated several scholarly books from Spanish to English.

Of late, Dr. Alexandre has focused her writing and presentations on higher education change, particularly at the doctoral level, and the importance of relational practice in leadership.

She has traveled extensively in Latin America and the Caribbean and is a professional translator. She lives in Los Angeles.

Dr. Alexandre’s CV