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The Antioch University library at the New England campus provides the students and faculty of the PhD Program with a complete and service-centered library in full support of the curriculum. The electronically-based reference services and the library collection are especially designed to support adult, low-residency students in all aspects of their academic endeavors – from initial work through dissertation. In addition, the library provides to all its patrons a regular program and plan of support for self-directed learning acquisition of information literacy for scholarly work.

The PhD in Leadership and Change Library Program fully supports the academic work – instructional, research, and outreach – of ALL students, faculty and staff by providing complete and professional library services. These services, which are continually evaluated for quality improvement, are designed to meet the low-residency needs of the Program’s delivery system. Personalized and proactive library reference support and instruction underlie all library services.

Professional Reference Services

A full time faculty-librarian, Deborah Baldwin, works exclusively with the PhD Program, supporting students and faculty on-line and attending every residency with research support through individual appointments and group sessions.

Watch what Deborah Baldwin has to say about the program library services here!

Philosophy and Role:

Our patron-centered library reference service is designed with the philosophy that successful doctoral low-residency library support must be personalized, proactive, and always pedagogical.

With an eye toward understanding the student’s academic interests, professional work, technical skills, library experience and concerns, the librarian meets with every student during the first residency, first in initial group sessions and, then, individually. From this  interview the librarian develops the student’s personalized Libguides Gateway page, which  will continue to be adapted for the student’s needs throughout the Program. Thereafter,  formally and informally, at all residencies and online, the librarian builds mutual  understanding and trust by checking in with the student regularly, offering support from the  first learning achievement through dissertation work.

The adult doctoral student is often returning to serious scholarship after an absence from academia. This absence may bring insecurity and rusty library research skills. We hope that by coming to authentically know the librarian as a person, the student can feel comfortable and confident in approaching her for help in using the library to support self-directed
learning and research.

The librarian, working with the student through the progression of Learning Achievements, takes every opportunity to create a learning environment which enables the student to acquire information literacy need for academic research in the
electronic library of today.

The librarian is always actively available to the student for assistance in using the library in support of quality doctoral work.

Acknowledging the sacrifice and commitment adult students make to complete this degree, the library’s doctoral reference services focus on providing both training and assistance which expedite the student’s library research, leaving more time for study and family. After the completion of the student’s work during the pre-Candidacy years, the librarian continues to support the student through the dissertation phase throughout the post-Candidacy period.

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