MA in Education with Leadership for Social Justice



Become a justice-oriented leader in the field of education

Program Overview

This concentration is designed to support emergent leaders in the field of education to examine and expand their own spheres of influence, build their skills as leaders, and explore how they can be change agents and advocates for social justice within their professional communities. The Leadership for Social Justice concentration will support students to advance in their current organizations or enter new fields while fostering their leadership abilities with an eye toward justice and equity. Graduates of this program will excel as community scholars and activists, diversity officers, nonprofit leaders, engaged educators, and school administrators. They will learn to conduct research in diverse contexts, make powerful connections between theory and practice, and respond to our changing world and professional landscape in responsive, equitable, holistic ways. The program’s collaborative learning environment is enriched by a highly engaged and supportive faculty and by committed students who hail from diverse professional backgrounds.

This degree is offered by AU Seattle.

Degree Requirements

Course Schedule

  • One Leadership for Social Justice class each quarter.
  • Classes are offered in the evenings to accommodate the schedules of working professionals
  • Students may begin the concentration in any quarter

Total Credits

12-20 for the concentration, 48 for the MAEd degree

Elective Options

Students may earn an LSJ concentration if they successfully complete 4-6 courses that are deemed LSJ-eligible. Each quarter at least one LSJ elective will be offered, and the schedule of those courses will change depending on student interest and faculty availability. The following is a sample of LSJ elective options:

  • Deconstructing “The Village”: Critical and Global Perspectives on Educational Contexts
  • Theories of Change and Pathways for Action
  • Pedagogy, Power, & Control
  • Building Responsive School, Family, and Community Partnerships
  • Researching the Impact of School: Reproducing Social Class or Enabling Mobility?
  • Becoming a Race-Conscious Educator

Courses currently offered within the Urban Environmental Education Program may also be deemed LSJ-eligible

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop as adept, responsive educational leaders and will acquire the skills needed to facilitate groups and guide organizations with an eye toward equity, justice, community solidarity, and social action.
  • Students will gain a deep understanding of the systems of power and phenomena that shape schooling and the broader educational landscape, including race, social class, criminalization, globalization, and immigration.
  • Students will identify the unjust and inequitable structures that permeate our society and will identify ways that they can combat those injustices and create positive change as leaders in the field of Education.
  • Students will identify their professional goals related to educational leadership and will leverage LSJ coursework and assignments in order to achieve those goals.

Career Outlook

  • Community scholars, activists, and organizers
  • Diversity officers
  • Nonprofit leaders
  • Engaged educators
  • Independent school administrators

Admissions / Cost / Aid

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