Bachelor of Arts

BA in Human Development


Help build an individual’s life skills for a prosperous life.

Social challenges are constantly evolving as the traditional roles, lifestyles, and conceptions of identity change alongside public policy. Learn to address the changing social structures of contemporary society and their impact on the growth of individuals and families in various cultural contexts. By understanding human development and how it is affected by cultural perspectives, you will be prepared to empower infants, children, adolescents, adults, and elders with the life skills necessary to navigate our constantly evolving society. This degree is offered by AU Online.

Program Overview

This major seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the processes that underlie human development and the way these issues are created and addressed so that their attendant problems can be effectively remediated. With growing numbers of older adults, single or working parents, and children of all ages in need of services, the Human Development curriculum is for those whose professional concerns will contribute to the development of life skills in the individual. The program emphasizes development as essential to understanding human behavior and for addressing the dynamics and demands that will arise within the context of the human lifespan. Courses are focused on the various stages of development from birth through the end of life by focusing on family relationships and peer interactions through various cultural perspectives. The courses also address how to apply a deeper knowledge of human growth and maturation to formulate various interventions designed to improve people’s lives.

Degree Requirements

Program Length:

The length of time it will take a student to complete a degree depends upon (1) the number of credits transferred into the program and (2) the number of credit hours taken each term.


Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree through Antioch University Online include a minimum of 120 semester credit hours. A minimum of 45 semester credits must be completed with Antioch University. All majors contain both Interdisciplinary Core and Major Requirements. Interdisciplinary Core Courses (15 Semester Credits)

  • Empowering Your Purpose and Voice
  • Experience and Expression
  • Reading and Writing in the 21st Century
  • Culture, Conflict and Social Research
  • Ecology, Technology & Society

Capstone Requirement (3 Semester Credits) Senior Project Professional Core Curriculum (36 Semester Credits)

  • Caring for the Aging
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Adult Development
  • Behavioral Physiology
  • Dying As a Stage of Life
  • Contemporary Family Patterns
  • Lives in Transition
  • Ecology of Human Development
  • Human Services Systems and Grants
  • Issues of Poverty and Hunger In the US
  • Econ, Politics & Access in Healthcare
  • Gender & Multicultural Issues in Health Care


Career Outlook

Graduates of this program may find themselves working in health care professions, social work, or other human services agencies that offer professional support to individuals or families.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this major, each student should be able to:

  1. Identify the general dynamics of individual, family, group, and cultural development.
  2. Describe the core processes that lead individuals, families, and groups through important life events and transitional moments.
  3. Articulate how the concept of self develops and evolves in different periods of life, and under different circumstances.
  4. Describe the basic principles concerning the physiology of human development.
  5. Articulate the manner in which conceptions of development are socially and culturally constructed.



Antioch’s requirements for candidates to the bachelor completion programs include:

  • At least 24 semester credits of transferable undergraduate work completed from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Goal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation (if requested)

Please submit all materials to: Antioch University Admissions Office 900 Dayton Street Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387 –OR– [email protected] All application materials submitted become part of an applicant’s file and cannot be returned.


SemesterApplication DeadlinesStart Date
Spring BFebruary 28March 4
Summer AMay 1May 6
Summer BJune 25July 1
Fall AAugust 21August 26
Fall BOctober 18October 21

Technology Requirements

Students in this program participate in online learning activities organized within small- and large-group learning communities. Antioch University Online is a 100% online learning environment, and therefore, in addition to having the traditional learning skills, students are expected to have basic technological skills, compatible computer hardware, operating system, and internet connectivity upon entrance into the program. LEARN MORE


Bachelor’s Completion – All majorsTuition: $449/semester credit hour
View the Cost of Attendance Components

By taking advantage of our generous transfer policy, you can complete your undergraduate degree for less than $20,000. The total cost to complete a bachelor’s degree will vary based on a number of factors including area of concentration, credit received for prior life and work experiences, and the credits that would transfer into your BA completion program. Our students typically transfer in between 45-60 semester credits. A minimum of 120 semester credits is required to complete a bachelor’s degree. LEARN MORE

Financial Aid

Several financial aid options are also available to help you earn your degree. Federal and state grants and federal loans may be available for Antioch students who qualify. LEARN MORE

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