Reflective Practicum Certificate in Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Education


Deepen your learning to enrich theirs with a Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Education Certificate.

Turn your professional experience in early childhood education into credits that count towards your associate’s or bachelor’s degree with the Reflective Practicum Certificate in Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Education. This six-month certificate program combines four courses –  two focused on developing writing skills, the other two related to reflective practice skills – with earning credit for work experience learnings, also known as prior learning credits. You’ll also grow your professional network, expand your repertoire of teaching strategies, and enrich your childhood learning environment. Advance towards your degree using the experience you already possess.

This certificate program is offered by AU Seattle.

Certificate Program Overview

Graduates with this certificate will earn up to 57 credits: 12 current learning credits in writing and reflective practice, plus up to 45 prior learning credits in culturally relevant early childhood education. We help you prepare your prior learning assessment portfolio for up to 45 total prior learning credits. Prior learning credits are earned by reflecting on your previous experience and translating your real-world understanding into credits you can apply toward a higher degree. Students will be assisted to do this as an integral part of the current learning courses in this certificate. Students will attend seven full-day class sessions each quarter, held on weekends, forming a dynamic learning community. Class sessions will use the Adult Dual Language Model developed by the Center for Linguistic and Cultural Democracy. For the first cohort, half of the instruction will be in Spanish, and half will be in English, with interpretation. The first cohort is appropriate for both English and Spanish speakers. Bilinguals of other language groups are also welcome. Somali and Cantonese cohorts are scheduled for the near future.

Licensure Information

This program is designed to lead to state licensure.

Additional Licensure Information

Certificate Length

The cohort runs for six months. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays and run from 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM for 8 days each quarter (total 60 contact hours).


Four three-credit classes, plus up to 45 prior learning credits through portfolio review

First Quarter Courses
  • WRTG 1000 Narrative Writing (3 cr)
  • EXP 2030 Reflective Practice in ECE I (3 cr)
First Quarter Prior Learning Course Equivalents
  • EDUC 1220 Working with Young Dual Language Learners (5 prior learning cr)
  • MAT 1030 Business Math (5 prior learning cr)
  • EDUC 1320 Introduction to Culturally Relevant Anti-Bias Education
  • ECE 1800 Language and Literacy Development (5 prior learning cr)
Second Quarter courses
  • WRTG 1010 Expository Writing (3 cr)
  • EXP 2031 Reflective Practice in ECE II (3 cr).
Second Quarter Prior Learning Course Equivalents
  • ART 2070 Cultural Arts (5 prior learning cr)
  • ECE 1600 Curriculum Development (5 prior learning cr)
  • EDUC 1300 Guiding Behavior (5 prior learning cr)
  • EDUC 1420 Supporting Children with Special Needs (5 prior learning cr)
  • SCI 2070 Science of Nutrition (5 prior learning cr)
  • ECE 1200 Practicum in Early Childhood Education (5 prior learning cr)
Alternate Prior Learning Course Equivalents

Note: these course equivalencies are not specifically tied to coursework; available as substitutes for any of the prior course equivalents integrated into the coursework; your advisor will help you determine the right mix of 45 prior learning credits. If you elect one of these you will need to compile some documentation in addition to class assignments.

  • ECE 1050 Intro to Early Childhood Education (5 prior learning cr)
  • ECE 1070 Health, Safety, Nutrition (5 prior learning cr)
  • ECE 1340 Family Child Care (5 prior learning cr)
  • SPA 2050 Conversational Spanish (5 prior learning credits)
  • SPA 2051 Narrative Writing in Spanish (5 prior learning credits)
  • LANG 2060 Conversational Somali (5 prior learning credits)
  • LANG 2061 Narrative Writing in Somali (5 prior learning credits)
  • LANG 2070 Conversational Cantonese (5 prior learning credits)
  • LANG 2071 Narrative Writing in Cantonese (5 prior learning credits)
  • LANG 2100 Special Topics in Language Learning (5 prior learning credits)

Note: Applicants should bring a copy of their transcripts for any ECE courses already taken to be sure not to duplicate prior learning with course work. If a student has already taken one of the course equivalencies listed above, faculty members will guide them in selecting an alternative prior learning option.

Admissions / Cost / Aid



A  minimum 5 years of professional experience in the field, plus evidence of ability to do lower division (100 and 200 level) college learning, which could include any of the following: high school diploma, GED, home school certificate, or successful completion of CLEP tests or a college course.

Deadlines: TBD
To Apply:
  1. Complete the online admissions application.
  2. send a copy of one of the following: a high school diploma, GED, home school certificate, or successful completion of CLEP tests or a college course
  3. Submit one paragraph summarizing your background experience  in early childhood education

*Complete applications received after the Deadline date may be considered if space is still available in that cohort. Please contact the Admissions Office, [email protected], for information regarding current space availability for an upcoming term. Complete applications are reviewed on an on-going basis and admission decisions are provided promptly. Please submit all materials to: Antioch University Seattle Admissions Office 2400 Third Avenue, Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98121 [email protected]

Career Outlook

Graduates of this certificate are better prepared to advance in the field of early childhood education by having more credits to apply toward a two-year degree and/or a four-year degree, which is the new standard in the field.

  • Home Child Care Provider
  • Dual Language Preschool Teacher
  • Infant-Toddler Teacher
  • School Age Childcare Provider


Certificate in Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Education
Tuition (6 Credits per term)$450/cr
Prior Learning Tuition$150
Tech Fee$30
General Fee$75
Total per Term$2,955
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