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Race and Equity Center

The Diversity Council has played an important role in developing the Anti-racism Framework and Value Statement and monitoring its progress. The Council has been instrumental in bringing about change in several areas, such as launching AUS Diversity Goals (2021), Standing in Solidarity with AUS BSU for Anti-Racism Commitment Plan (2020), Co-sponsoring Anti-racism Workshops Series for all AUS Community (2021/22), Co-developed Anti-racism Accountability Framework and Council Roadmap (2022), and launching the Campus Climate Reporting System (2023); see DC Road Map (Timeline).

Diversity Council members are asked to incorporate their understanding of anti-racist, intersectional, and equitable diversity-related concerns within their programs and departments to inform the work of the Council.

Race & Equity Center Spotlights

We work with many groups to further this important and necessary equity and social justice work. Learn more about these initiatives and how to become more involved.

Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF)

The Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF), established by Antioch University Chancellor William Groves in July 2020, was convened in response to national movements focused on systemic racism and white supremacy in the United States and beyond and to expand on Antioch’s firmly established mission of social justice in a way that intentionally reinforces the university as an anti-racist academic institution. We actively work with the ARTF to strengthen our campus and foster development in our university and the communities in which we are a part.


Our campus is actively involved in this very important work. Below, you will find some events highlighting and continuing our journey of becoming an anti-racist, intersectional, and equitable campus.

Get Involved

Each month, the AUS Diversity Council newsletter highlights work being done by the administration, faculty, and students in support of our anti-racism and social justice mission. We provide information on special days in the month and community events where you can learn more or contribute. 

We welcome members to submit content about the efforts of you and your colleagues, personal reflections, and notable days you would like us to include. Joining our Diversity Council is a great way to participate in the AUS community. The Diversity Council enhances our institution’s capacity to develop and implement effective diversity, equity, antiracism, and justice work across the campus. 

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