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Colleen Million

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Colleen Million is the Principal at Fillmore Elementary School in the Lompoc Unified School District (LUSD), where she is implementing a restorative approach to discipline, school wide empathy practices and parent education classes on health, nutrition, empathy, and restorative justice. At AUSB, she teaches social science methods in the Teacher Education Program, and courses in the Nature Based Early Childhood Education program.

Colleen is deeply moved by the importance of research based teacher education focusing on student centered learning, which involves teaching teachers how to develop curricula that incorporates strategies to support all learners, focusing on equity, social justice, ecological literacy, restorative practices, and engagement. Her vision for schools is to create just and equitable learning environments by healing harm and transforming conflict, which aid in building and maintaining healthy relationships so that students and families can achieve their dreams.


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