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Denzel Jones, PhD

Antioch University New England

Dr. Denzel Jones research interests focus on the well-being of vulnerable populations, more specifically the influence of diverse social processes and experiences on well-being and identity development across time. As a public scholar, he also has a passion for involvement in community-engaged research and the dissemination of research to the public.

Dr. Jones has provided clinical services a children’s group foster home, a low-income community clinic, a university and community clinic, high school, and a domestic violence shelter.

Denzel was drawn to academia through his passion for training clinicians and scholars and providing mentorship to future generations of developing professionals.

Educational History

PhD in Couple & Family Therapy from Kansas State University

Dissertation research focused on the impact of ethnic-racial socialization messages from socialization agents on Black ethnic-racial identity.



Assistant Professor,

Couple & Family Therapy


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