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Douglas Gerwin

Antioch University New England

Teaching Statement

Douglas Gerwin, Ph.D., has taught history, literature, German, music, and life science at college and Waldorf high school levels for some 40 years. As Executive Director of the Center for Anthroposophy (CfA), he divides his time between adult education and teaching adolescents, as well as mentoring Waldorf schools across North America.
Himself a Waldorf graduate, Douglas is the founder of CfA’s Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program, as well as the first Executive Director of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. He is author and editor of ten books on Waldorf education, as well as numerous articles on education and anthroposophy. His latest publications include being co-author of a recent survey of Waldorf graduates entitled Into the World: How Waldorf Graduates Fare After High School (2020)
At present, Douglas resides on the outskirts of Amherst, Massachusetts, with his wife Connie, a Waldorf high school teacher of mathematics.

Trailing Clouds of Glory: Essays on Human Sexuality and the Education of Youth in Waldorf Schools
Genesis of a Waldorf High School
For the Love of Literature: A Celebration of Language and Imagination
Gerwin, Douglas

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Courses Taught

The Adolescent

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