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Dr. Shawn Patrick, NCC, LCPC, is a Core Faculty member and the Director of CES Fieldwork in the Counselor Education and Supervision program at Antioch University Seattle.  Her clinical expertise is in narrative therapy and couples work; her scholarship focuses on examining conflict, power, and privilege in complex social systems. With experience in film, photography, and writing, her current projects include examining relationships between creativity, counselor development, and multicultural counseling competence.

Dr. P never knew what she wanted to be when growing up and is still pursuing that question. Her career highlights include obtaining her Black Belt in martial arts, writing and directing a documentary film, and completing her dissertation. A staunch introvert, Dr. P does take great interest in everyone she meets and believes everyone has many stories to tell. She enjoys writing and pursuing all kinds of ideas through research.

She has had the opportunity to work in a variety of academic settings, including public state institutions and private universities. She has been a licensed professional counselor in Missouri and Texas and currently holds her LCPC in Illinois. She has served academic programs in multiple ways, from participating in admissions, hiring, and personnel committees to holding the roles of CACREP liaison, Program Track Lead, and Program Director, to being elected to Faculty Senate. As a result of these experiences, she has developed a strong interest in actively supporting and mentoring new faculty along with deconstructing the potentially oppressive norms and dynamics embedded within our institutions. She also highly encourages anyone seeking a career in academia to actively nurture their sense of humor.

Dr. Shawn Patrick


Counselor Education and Supervision (CES) Fieldwork

Core Faculty

PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision (Low-Residency)

  • 2002: EdD in Counselor Education and Supervision, 2002, Northern Illinois University (CACREP). Specialty: Couples and Family counseling.
    • Dissertation: Differentiation, Intimacy, and Marital Satisfaction
  • 1997: MA in Counseling, University of South Dakota (CACREP). Specialty: Group Counseling
  • 1995: BA Psychology/Philosophy, Saint Louis University

Selected book chapters:

  • Patrick, S. J. (2018). Narrative approaches. In S. Degges-White and N. Davis (Eds.) Integrating the Expressive Arts into Counseling Practice: Theory-Based Interventions, 2nd Ed. (pp. 189-190).  New York, NY: Springer.
  • Patrick, S., & Connolly, C. M. (2011).  The token activity. In M. Pope, J. Pangelinan, & A. Coker (Eds.), Experiential Activities for Teaching Multicultural Counseling Classes and Infusing Cultural Diversity into Core Classes. (pp. 169-173).  Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.

Selected peer-reviewed journal articles:

  • Patrick, S. (2019). Mistakes as Pathways to Creativity: Improvisation in counseling. Journal of Creativity in Counseling.  DOI: 10.1080/15401383.2019.1638863 
  • Aponte, D., & Patrick, S. (2017). Narrative approaches to counseling survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Wisdom in Education Journal, 7(2), Article 2. Retrieved from http://scholarworks.lib.csusb.edu/wie/vol7/iss2/2
  • Beckenbach, J., Patrick, S., Sells, J., & Terrazas, L. (2014).  The statement of us: A narrative-based practice for enhancing couples’ preferred identity.  Journal of Systemic Therapies, 33(2), 50-61.
  • Beckenbach, J., Patrick, S., Carlino, G., Carlino, S., Gross, K., Einig, K., & Pyle, E. (2014). The Couples Enhancement Workshop: A brief approach for group work with couples. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 39(2), 164-182.
  • Patrick, S., & Connolly, C.M., (2013).  The privilege project: A narrative approach for teaching social justice and multicultural awareness.  Journal of Systemic Therapies, 32(1), 70-86.
  • Beckenbach, J., & Patrick, S. (2021). Project I Am: Reclaiming Identity from the effects of traumatic oppression. 45-minute education session, International Irish Narrative Inquiry Conference (held virtually).
  • Elliott, A., & Patrick, S. (2021). The best-laid plans: When Risk is Compounded in the Classroom. 15-minute presentation, International Irish Narrative Inquiry Conference (held virtually).
  • Patrick, S., & Beckenbach, J. (2020). Kung fu counseling: Experiential activities to promote counselors’ awareness and confidence. Education session, Association for Creativity in Counseling (ACC) annual conference, online.
  • Beckenbach, J., & Patrick, S. (2020).  Project I Am: Reclaiming identity from the effects of traumatic oppression. Education session, Association for Creativity in Counseling (ACC) annual conference, online.
  • Patrick, S., & Beckenbach, J. (2019). Good writing: A work in progress. 50-minute education session, Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) national conference, Seattle, WA.
  • Patrick, S., & Beckenbach, J., & Santhouse, J. (2019). Counseling improv. Opening session for IAMFC Scotland Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Santhouse, J., & Patrick. S. (2019). The art of insider witnessing. 90-min education session, IAMFC Scotland Summer Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Beckenbach, J., & Patrick, S. (2019). Relational conflict and restoration model. 70-minute education session, IAMFC Oxford Summer Institute, Oxford, England.
  • Patrick, S., Beckenbach, J., Elliot, A.,  & Lamb, B. (2019). Polarizing political discourse: Inviting empathy into difficult conversations. 90-minute education session, American Counseling Association (ACA) National conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • Beckenbach, J., & Patrick, S. (2019). Narrative approaches for couples affected by childhood sexual abuse. 50-min education session, International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC) World Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • Patrick, S., & Beckenbach, J. (2019). Creativity: An Essential domain in the training of family counselors. 50-min education session, International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC) World Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • IAMFC Service Award
  • O’Hana Award
  • Mary Smith Arnold Anti-Oppression Award
  • Currently: Internship, Practicum, Consultation, and Organizational Change
  • Past: Multicultural Counseling, Family Counseling, Research Literature in Counseling, Sex Therapy, Group Counseling
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