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Ed Bastian

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Dr. Ed Bastian holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies and lived for years in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in India. Classically trained by renowned teachers, he translated Buddhist texts from Tibetan and Sanskrit and produced several films on Tibetan Buddhism. A former program director and teacher of Buddhism and world religions for the Smithsonian Institution, Fulbright Fellow, internet entrepreneur, environmentalist, and adjunct professor at Antioch University, Ed has taught at leading centers throughout the United States and Canada.

Ed is an award-winning author of “Living Fully Dying Well,” “InterSpiritual Meditation,” “Creating Your Spiritual Path” and publisher of “Meditations for InterSpiritual Wisdom,” and has produced acclaimed documentaries on religion for the BBC and PBS. Ed is founder of the Spiritual Paths Foundation and has worked closely with over fifty Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Taoist, and Native American contemplative teachers.

Ed Bastian

Adjunct Faculty,

BA Program


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