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Eliza Daniels, MA, LMHC,

Antioch University New England

Eliza Daniels, MA, LMHC, (they/them/theirs) maintains a private practice on Nipmuc and Pocomtuc territory in what is now called Northampton, Massachusetts. Their clinical interests include working with LGBTQIA+ adults, local activists, healers, land-tenders and educators. Eliza enjoys clinical work centered around gender affirming therapy which weaves the use of anti-oppression, relational and experiential frameworks. Eliza is passionate about providing affirming and connected care for folks struggling with C-PTSD and Relational trauma, addiction and recovery, and folks who are curious to explore gender and queer sexuality more fully. Eliza also likes to play with their dogs, tend to their flower garden, bask in the sun, and play soccer.

Educational History

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling May 2013, Antioch University New England
Bachelor of Arts May 2009, Religious Studies, Chapman University
Post Masters Clinical, Teaching & Research Experience Aug. ‘14- July ‘15
Counselor Education and Supervision University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

Teaching Statement

My aim as a counselor educator is to create an atmosphere that encourages risk-taking, courage, curiosity, humor, rigorous intellectual exploration and space for authentic emotional and affective expressions. As a teacher, I emphatically believe in the value of working from an engaged, active, trauma-informed and social justice pedagogy to best meet the needs of learners. Working from these perspectives I embrace intersections of transfeminism, relational, critical and multicultural approaches in an effort to encourage students in their questioning of learned conditioning and systemic structures which reinforce limiting and unjust narratives. For optimal learning to occur, I must acknowledge the relevance and importance of all students’ subjective and contextual experiences in relationship to course content (Teaching to Transgress, hooks, 1994). In this way, education can be a transformative and liberatory journey, a labor of love-one in which we never fully arrive. I attempt to be conscious of my power, privilege and intersections of my own marginalized identities within the classroom. Finally, I aim to provide context and specific methodology for engaged multicultural, critical and transfeminist perspectives to students and colleagues based on research and experience, using didactic, experiential activities to bolster critical self reflexivity in the classroom.

Accepted Presentations:
Daniels, E.L., & Schmidt, M.K. (submission for ACES 2015). “Making the Implicit, Explicit: Focusing as a Creative and Culturally Responsive Approach in Supervision.”
Horton, M., & Daniels, E.L. (submission for ACES 2015). “Education and Awareness of Training Counselors to Work with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.”
Recipient of the University of Northern Colorado CEBS student travel scholarship, April 2015
Recipient of the Rocky Mountain Association of Counselor Education & Supervision Scholars Award, October 2014
Recipient of the Inaugural Toni Murdock Student Innovation Award Antioch University New England, May 2013
AmeriCorps Student in Service Award Antioch University New England, Fall 2011
Leadership Award-Disciples on Campus Chapman University 2006-2009
ACA member, SAIGE and ACES Divisions
Eliza Daniels

Adjunct Faculty,

Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Courses Taught

Human Growth and Development
Group Counseling
Social & Cultural Diversity

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