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Gary Delanoeye, EdD, began his teaching career at Hollywood High School in 1977. After completing his credential work, he moved to Santa Barbara and began his role as an educator at the Devereux Foundation, a residential facility for children and adults with learning, physical or emotional challenges. Intrigued by this population, Gary began teaching at Mary B. Perry High School, a school located on the grounds of the California Youth Authority facility in Camarillo, CA.

In 1982 he completed his special education credential requirements and his Master of Science degree in special education. For the next 15 years Gary worked with students with disabilities at the Youth Authority. During these years he was also a part of the adjunct faculty at California Lutheran University where he taught courses required for the special education credential and the Masters in Education degree. In 1997 Gary became the vice principal at his school and assumed leadership of the special education and community college programs. Gary completed his doctorate in Education Leadership at Cal Lutheran in 2006 and began his work at AUSB in 2007.

Gary has been a speaker at more than 30 professional conferences involving the education of special populations, teacher research, cooperative learning and delinquency prevention. Gary is a volunteer naturalist with Channel Island National Park and Marine Sanctuaries. He has taken students on island hikes and whale watching excursions as part of Antioch Education Program’s commitment to ecological and environmental literacy.

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