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Heather Humphrey-Leclaire

Antioch University New England

I am a therapist in private practice with specialties in addiction, forensics, and grief counseling and an accredited clinical supervisor (ACS). I live in southeastern Vermont with two of my children, three cats, and a bulldog named Beau.

Educational History

I graduated with a BA in the Classics from Marlboro College (R.I.P.); an MA in CMHC from Antioch University NE; and a PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University.

Teaching Statement

I believe strongly in creating a safe learning environment by teaching on multiple learning channels to support a broad range of learning styles.

My dissertation is available at:

Heather Humphrey

Adjunct Faculty,

Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Courses Taught

I have been honored previously to teach many practicum and professional seminars over several years.

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