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Jan Lyndes

Antioch University New England

Jan holds a Master of Education in Waldorf Teaching from Antioch University New England and a Bachelor’s in fine arts and sociology from the University of Arizona. Currently she is in her eighth year of Spacial Dynamics Training as a Certified Trainer.

Born as a seventh generation Vermonter, Jan lived much of her adult life in Alaska, where she formed a grassroots Waldorf homeschool cooperative. This work inspired her to pursue her Master of Education and Waldorf teacher training, where she fell in love with the warmth and creativity of Waldorf Education in Southern New Hampshire and has been Waldorf teacher/ Movement Education teacher since 2008. Prior to becoming a Waldorf Teacher, fluent in American Sign Language, Jan taught in Deaf Education for 16 years.

For the past 14 years Jan has been teaching in the art of Waldorf education. She states ” I have learned that the art of teaching finds its mastery in the freedom it engenders in the innate capacities of each of my students. I have learned to observe the student in front of me so to learn where they are free and where they meet resistance. I have learned how to use the abundant and rich curriculum to meet the student where they are and guide them to the next step in their holistic development.”

Here in New Hampshire she has taught at Antioch University, Monadnock Waldorf School, Kroka Expeditions, Austine School for the Deaf, and the Garland School.

“I am eager to engage in the post COVID 19 future of education. For me this will include teaching and guiding a new Waldorf Charter school in its development as well as the pursuit of my Doctorate of Education at Antioch University.”

Jan enjoys being active in nature by kayaking, hiking, running and gardening, and through yoga and meditation.

Educational History

BA Fine Arts and Sociology from the University of Arizona
Master of Education & Waldorf teaching certificate from Antioch University New England.

Jan Lyndes

Adjunct Faculty,

Education Department


Courses Taught

Waldorf Movement Education I, II, III
Waldorf Games Curriculum
Therapeutic Movement.

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