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Kimberley Burden, MA

Antioch University New England

Kim Burden, MA, LCMHC, LCAT, BC-DMT, RDT/BCT, CP, RSMTE, BMCP, is an adjunct professor at Antioch University New England in the Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling Program as well as a  Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Drama Therapist, Psychodramatist, Registered Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist and Certified Practitioner of BodyMind Centering ®.

She is interested in the interface of the arts and spirituality in healing and is passionate about the power of play, improvisation and spontaneity. Kim is an Iyanifa in the Ifa/Orisha tradition and is currently investigating the application of African Ifa/Orisha rhythm and movement for use in multimodal expressive arts and dance/movement therapy.

Kim maintains a private practice in body-centered therapies and healing arts in Keene, NH, where she specializes in women’s issues, LGBTQ concerns, eating disorders, anxiety, identity and lifespan issues, and developmental disabilities. She has practiced Hatha and Kundalini yoga for many years, plays tabla with area Kirtan bands, and studies and performs classical and operatic vocal music with the Raylynmor Opera in Keene, NH.

Kim has presented throughout the US and in Canada and the UK at Dance/Movement Therapy, Body-Mind Centering ® and Psychodrama conferences.

Educational History

MS, Applied Sports Science with and Emphasis in Dance, Indiana University

MA, Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling, Antioch University New England

BA, Vocal Music and Business, Butler University

Graduate of BodyMind Centering Practitioner Training Program

Teaching Statement

I view teaching as an art and a science, a balance of structure and freedom, and most of all an exciting journey. I’ve been teaching young people since I was 19, starting with Yoga and Sunday School at a Children’s Guardians home, and from this starting point evolving through a wide range of forms and disciplines that include fiber arts, fitness, dance technique, dance improvisation, yoga, and the helping professions. Balancing structure and spontaneity has been a running theme throughout all forms and subjects: I believe in creating a structure and container within which students feel safe taking risks and engaging in critical thinking and authentic experiencing. At moments, the formal structure gives way to allow for spontaneously arising forms that are particular to the specific group of individuals in the room at the moment. Inclusion and consideration of intersectional diversity themes in both participants and topical readings is a rising theme in my work. This teaching style is strongly influenced by many years of vocal and musical performance, dance performance, improvisational theater, visual arts, involvement in the LGBTQ and intersectional feminist movements, meditation, yoga, African Traditional Spirituality, and the teaching style Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, creator of BodyMind Centering®.My hope as a teacher is to provide experiences for students that will ignite their passion, weave together their interests, and allow them to share their unique contributions with the world.

*Further research in to the Interface of the BodyMind Centering Physiological Fluid Rhythms  and the Kestenberg Movement ProfileTension Flow Rhythms, Master’s Thesis Research, 1996

* Investigation of Movement Qualities of Ifa Orisha Ceremonial Dance through the lens of the Kestenberg Movement Profile – Participatory Action Research, 2016

Burden, K. and Cossa, C. (2007).  ActingOut: An Interactive Youth Drama Group, in Interactive and Improvisational Drama: Varieties of Applied Theater and Performance. Blatner, A. and Weiner, D. eds. iUniverse, NY

Burden, K. and Johnson, M. (2016, October) Embodied Archetypal Rhythms of African Orisa in      

              DMT Practice. Presentation at the American Dance Therapy Association Conference.

Burden, K. (2015, November) Embodied Archetypal Rhythms of African Orisha: Rhythm, fluids   

             and vitality. Presentation at the BodyMind Centering Festival, Albany, NY

Burden, K. (2015, March) Embodied Archetypal Rhythms of African Orisa in D/MT practice.

Presentation at the New England American Dance Therapy Association


Burden, K. (2011, April) Embodied Spontaneity: Psychodramatic Dance/movement 

             therapy. Presentation at the 2011 American Society of Group Psychotherapy and

Psychodrama Conference.

Burden, K. (2011, April) Embodied Spontaneity: Psychodramatic Dance/movement 

             therapy. Presentation at the New England American Dance Therapy Association


Burden, K. (2010, October). Dancing for Joy: Celebrating our Roots in Communal Rhythmic Dance. Presentation at the American Dance Therapy Association conference.

Tedmon-Jones, T. & Burden, K. (2010, October) Developing Cultural Competence in Dance/Movement Therapy with LGBTQ Consumers. Presentation at the American Dance Therapy Association conference.

Burden, K. (2009, April). Feeling the Fluids: Embodying the KMP Tension Flow and BMC Physiological Rhythms to Support Affect Regulation and Self Expression. Presentation at New England American Dance Therapy Association conference.

Burden, K.  (2006, April) Embodied transpersonal roles in dance and drama therapy for treating trauma: an integrated body-based expressive approach. Presentation at the American Dance Therapy Association conference.

Burden, K. & Amsden, K. (2004). Voice and Body’s Wisdom: Voice, Movement and the Therapeutic Spiral Model™. Presentation at the 2004 National Association for Drama Therapy conference.

Burden, K. (2003). The Impact of Dance-Movement Therapy on the Therapeutic Spiral Model™ of Psychodrama with   Trauma Survivors, presentation at the New England American Dance Therapy Association conference.

Hudgins, K. & Burden, K. (1999). Projective Identification and Trauma: an Embodied Approach, presentation at the ASGPP (psychodrama) conference.

Bender Scholarship for Dance/movement Therapy, 1994

Private Practice, Body Centered Psychotherapy and Somatic Movement Therapy and Education

Active performing artist: Soprano with Raylynmor Opera and other local vocal music venues; Tabla player with Anahata Kirtan in Peterborough, NH; Active teacher of Orisha Dance Class in Alstead, NH; Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

American Dance Therapy Association, North American Drama Therapy Association, BodyMind Centering® Association, International Somatic Movement Therapy and Education Association, International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

Kim Burden

Affiliate Faculty, Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling,

Applied Psychology

Clinical Training Coordinator,



Courses Taught

Practicum I & II in Dance/movement Therapy (first year course – clinical focus, adults with intellectual disabilities); Theory and Practice of DMT I: Theoretical Origins (first year course); Expressive Arts Therapy (second year course); Dance/movement Therapy & Counseling Approaches to Crisis & Trauma (second year course)

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