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After nearly a decade of teaching high school English, debate, theatre, and speech, I joined the Education Department faculty at Antioch University New England, first as the Assistant Director/ Director of what would become the Antioch Center for School Renewal and later as the Director of the Experienced Educators Program, which provides MEds and certificates for working teachers. My portfolio includes our PBL/Critical Skills Classroom concentration and its related programs in STEAM. My primary areas of study center on the development of teacher’s individual pedagogical approaches, social justice and equity in school restructuring (particularly in rural schools), resistance to change, and student-centered classroom practice. In 2020 I completed a 4-year clinical experience as a school librarian in a 60 student k-6 school. I live in Keene, NH with my husband and two children and can be found on social media @CriticalSkills1

Laura Thomas

Core Faculty



Experienced Educators Program

Program Coordinator

Problem Based Learning through the Critical Skills Classroom

Program Coordinator

Integrated STEAM Education

  • MEd, Antioch University New England
  • BS, University of Missouri

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George Lucas Educational Foundation’s Edutopia team as a blogger, Community Facilitator, and Consulting Editor

ISTE Community Leader

  • Instructional Design
  • Assessment as a Focus for Learning
  • Facilitation in the Problem Based Classroom
  • Philosophy of Education and Change
  • Practicum: Facilitative Leadership
  • Research Topics
  • School Change
  • The Critical Skills Classroom