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Rashida Ingram, PhD

Antioch University New England

Rashida Ingram, PhD, MFT, is a devoted mother of two, an Adjunct Professor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and professional speaker on topics related to co-parenting, creating life satisfaction, and the use of self-awareness to cultivate meaningful partnerships. Rashida maintains a virtual private practice in Philadelphia, PA., specializing in working with couples and families during significant life changes. Rashida is also the COO and founder of the I AM Retreat Experience, a self-care brand for authentic living.

Rashida’s work with couples and families has earned her several speaking engagements including juvenile justice documentaries, International Family Therapy conference, radio and podcast interviews. Currently, she provides training and consultation to organizations and students devoted to working systemically with couples and families using a strength-based approach.

Educational History

Rashida was an undergraduate at Temple University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2000. After working in social services for 7 years, Rashida pursued her master’s degree at Capella University. She graduated in 2010 and continued to work in social services at The Philadelphia Department of Prisons until 2018. Rashida has recently gained her PhD from Antioch University.

Teaching Statement

You will find my teaching style and philosophy for counseling students to be existential in nature. It is my intention to facilitate learning through course content, discussions, self-reflection, and integrating theory and practice. My approach aims to cultivate extraordinary counselors who embody practical and skill-based knowledge through the use of self and awareness of common factors for effective therapy practice. Within the classroom, I will create a collaborative, engaging, and thought-provoking learning environment in an effort to support your development as a mental health counselor.

Rashida’s research interest focuses on the couples dynamic and the process of creating relationship satisfaction among African American Couples.

Juvenile Justice Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013
International Family Therapy Conference, Switzerland, 2020
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, member (2021)
Youth, Art Self-Empowerment Project, Board Member (2017- present)
National Clearinghouse for Battered Women, Board Member (2019- current)
Rashida Ingram

Adjunct Faculty,

Ph.D. Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Courses Taught

Addictions and Families, Antioch University, FA2020
CFT Internship, Antioch University, FA2020
Post-modern MFT Theories, Antioch University, SP2021
Theories in MFT Counseling, Long Island University, SP2021
CFT Internship, Antioch University, SP2021
Couples Therapy, Antioch University, SU2021
Contemporary Issues in Marriage and Family Therapy, Long Island University, SU2021
Internship II, Antioch University, SU2021

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