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Sandra Kenny, PhD, MBA

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Sandra Kenny, Ph.D., MBA, is Core Faculty and the Chair of the PsyD and MACP programs at Antioch University Santa Barbara. In addition, she serves as the Director of Clinical Training in the PsyD program. Dr. Kenny received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa, Canada. Her research focused on the work environment, psychological stress, and organizational health. Combining her interests in health and management, she earned an MBA in Hospitality Management at Les Roches, Switzerland, where she worked on different paths from stress to wellness.

Since 2004, Dr. Kenny’s clinical work has been diverse. She enjoyed her work in fast-paced environments in psychiatry and primary care with different teams that included physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, dietitians, and physical therapists. Her clinical experience ranges from therapy with individuals, couples, and groups. She has employed an integrative clinical approach in her private practice working in both French and English with adults and students struggling with various difficulties, such as anxiety and mood disorders, ADHD, chronic health conditions and illnesses, grief, relational problems, and work stress. She values multidisciplinary teams in clinical settings, academia, and organizations. She is passionate about women’s health and social justice.

Before Antioch, she participated in different community development projects. These projects have included building partnerships between women’s organizations and municipalities and developing outcome indicators and measurement tools to reduce homelessness across Canada. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the California Psychological Association, and the Santa Barbara County Psychological Association. In addition, she is a Board member of the California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC). At Antioch University, she is currently the Faculty Senator on the Santa Barbara campus and the Co-Chair of the Applied Psychology Division of the Graduate School of Counseling, Psychology, and Therapy. She also serves on the Anti-Racism Task Force at Antioch University. She believes that students need to learn and develop their competencies and skills in a respectful and diverse environment that inspires innovation and encourages their desire to grow professionally and humanly.

Sandra Kenny

Core Faculty,

Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology & MA in Clinical Psychology, Santa Barbara


Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology & MA in Clinical Psychology, Santa Barbara

Director of Clinical Training, Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, Santa Barbara,


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