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Susan Burnett

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Susan Burnett has dedicated the last 35 years of her career building great leaders and healthy organizations for the world. She is member of the faculty of AUSB’s Women & Leadership Certificate program. Susan has held executive positions at BTS, Yahoo!, Deloitte, Gap Inc., and Hewlett Packard, where she has focused on business process redesign, talent and organization capability building, diversity, engagement, culture renewal, and leadership development. She has led large organizations, built business strategies, and helped execute enterprise change initiatives.

Susan is the author of a commentary on Executive Education for Harvard Business Review, 2003 and co-author of “Hewlett-Packard Takes the Waste Out of Leadership” for the Journal of Organizational Excellence, Autumn 2003. She is a leader in Stanford University’s Designing Your Life Lab and teaches Designing Your Life programs at Stanford and in organizations committed to life and career wayfinding. She is a regular speaker on leadership development and talent strategies that will accelerate business results.

Susan Burnett


Women & Leadership


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