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Peace Corps Prep at Antioch University

Antioch University is a proud Peace Corps Prep partner. We are one of the few PC Prep programs in the country serving adult Bachelor’s degree completion students. Our long-standing connection and mission alignment with Peace Corps makes for a very strong and exciting partnership.
Antioch University has a long and proud history with the Peace Corps. Numerous faculty, staff, students, and alumni have had successful and rewarding experiences through various forms of Peace Corps service. Peace Corps Volunteers travel to one of over 60 countries across the globe, living and working hand-in-hand with local leaders to address the most pressing issues in their communities.
As a Peace Corps Prep partner, we offer a variety of concentrations within our designed programs to help students gain a competitive advantage when applying to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Selection into Peace Corps has grown increasingly competitive. Although the acceptance into Peace Corps is not guaranteed for certificate holders, a Peace Corps Prep certificate is a valuable way to distinguish oneself as a caring, committed global citizen – desirable qualities in any career field.

“Peace Corps Prep is a certificate program for undergraduates that centers on one empowering question: How can you prepare yourself to be the best Peace Corps Volunteer you can be?”

The Antioch Peace Corps Prep Curriculum

The University’s Bachelor of Arts degree completion curricula will accommodate all six Peace Corps sectors.  Although Antioch University does not offer undergraduate majors in all six areas, selected courses in each area are offered across the university, and students will be able to transfer applicable credits from their prior learning experiences, including previous service such as AmeriCorps.

How to Apply for the Antioch University Peace Corps Prep Program

All undergraduate degree-seeking students at Antioch University are eligible to pursue an application into the PC Prep program. To learn more about Peace Corps and the types of opportunities that are available to Volunteers visit Peace Corps at:

Start Your PC Prep Application

PC Prep students pursuing a BA through Antioch’s online Liberal Studies program should follow these steps to apply for the PC Prep Program:

  1. Talk to your academic advisor. Ensure you understand the requirements of PC Prep and how coursework and learning experiences fulfill major requirements. Secure advisor approval to apply, then work with your advisor to complete the PC Prep Application
  2. Submit your completed application to Antioch’s PC Prep Coordinator via e-mail at: [email protected]
  3. Your complete applications will include:
    1. Courses and extracurricular activities that you plan to engage in as part of your PC Prep experience
    2. A list of courses previously taken (with Antioch University or at a previous institution) that you would like to apply to PC Prep, with a brief explanation of how these courses also apply toward your major
  4. Interview. Antioch’s PC Prep Coordinator will review your app and meet with you for an interview
  5. The PC Prep Coordinator will contact you with a decision. If accepted, your application will be documented in your academic record

About Peace Corps

The Peace Corps Mission

To promote world peace and friendship by fulfilling three goals:

  1. To help the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained Volunteers.
  2. To help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served.
  3. To help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

The Peace Corps Experience

The Peace Corps offers a 27-month work, cultural immersion, and skills development experience in over 75 countries. Volunteers work in one of six general program areas: agriculture, business, education, environment, health, and youth and community development.

Benefits of Serving in the Peace Corps

  • Language, cross-cultural, and technical training
  • Travel costs covered to and from the country of service
  • Stipend for overseas living and housing expenses
  • Medical and dental coverage
  • Student loan deferment and partial cancellation of some loans
  • Vacation time
  • Transition funds following 27 months of work
  • Career and transition assistance after service
  • Graduate school opportunities through Peace Corps partners
  • No fee to participate

Peace Corps Resources

Peace Corps Contact Info

“Peace Corps service can be the first step toward a career or the continuation of a life’s work. Sharpen your skills in a field you’ve always loved, or challenge yourself with a new opportunity. Volunteers go to work every day excited by the opportunity to make change.”

Employers of National Service Member Seal

Employers of National Service

The Corporation for National and Community Service, which administers AmeriCorps, and its partners — Peace Corps, AmeriCorps Alums, National Peace Corps Association, and The Franklin Project — have launched Employers of National Service (EONS) to better connect national service alumni with opportunities in the workforce. Antioch University is proud to be an EONS partner and welcomes applications from service alumni.

“Leadership for service for the common good is at the core of Antioch University. It is found in its mission to ‘advance social, economic and environmental justice.’ It is found in its tripartite model of education with its commitments to academic rigor, experiential learning, and social engagement. It is in its legacy of ‘winning victories for humanity’ (Mann, 1856) and carried forward today through the university’s programs.” – Laurien Alexandre & Al Guskin, Thoughts on Antioch University Leadership & Service

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