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At Antioch University New England, we believe in educating the whole child. We believe that everybody matters: the child and the teachers. And we know that the best teachers are those who keep growing throughout their careers, refining and expanding their pedagogical practice. That’s why we offer our transformative Experienced Educators MEd and Certificate programs. They will help you meet your professional and personal goals by building on your expertise and supporting new growth.

Welcome to Our Experienced Educators Programs

Concentration and Certificate Areas

Nature-based Early Childhood Education

Across North America, there is a growing movement to bring children outdoors for early childhood education to improve and support literacy, reading, and math development—also leadership and resilience. Our program—the first in the nation—gives you all the skills you need to become a successful outdoor educator. Learn More

Integrated STEAM Education

Through the exploration and implementation of innovative pedagogical practices, the Integrated STEAM Education Concentration will help you create classrooms in which science, technology, engineering, arts, and math are integrated into an engaging, coherent whole. Learn More

Trauma-Informed Education Certificate

Join the growing movement of educators improving interaction and student success by recognizing signs of developmental trauma and responding thoughtfully, informed by the latest in science and pedagogy. Learn More

Place-Based Education

Transform schools into centers of learning and action that utilize the local community as a context for developing essential skills and understandings. Our program gives educators the tools to guide students to better understand and positively influence their world. Learn More

Educating For Sustainability

Using technology in the classroom isn’t just about mastering the most recent technological gadget. It’s about leveraging these advancements to build communities, increase project opportunities, and empower learners to bring their visions to life in the 21st century. Learn More

Dyslexia Studies Certificate

Our students utilize cutting edge research in the field of dyslexia education to empower all students—including the one in five students who have dyslexia. Learn the structure of language and foundational concepts of oral and written learning to help children with dyslexia grasp a better understanding of information across a multitude of disciplines. Stand out and make a strong academic impact on the lives of those with dyslexia. Learn More

Problem-Based Learning

In this concentration, you can learn to enhance your classroom with complex, interesting, real-world learning opportunities that authentically boost student motivation and achievement. Learn More

Mindfulness for Educators

The Mindfulness for Educators program strengthens an educator’s innate wisdom through the study and daily application of ancient and current applied philosophical perspectives and universal and human development models. Learn More

Reggio Emilia Certificate

The Reggio Emilia approach to working with young children views the child as competent, creative, curious, and full of wonderings. In our program—the first and only Graduate Certificate in the Reggio Emilia Approach—you learn to structure the classroom, inside and outside, to support your students’ innate curiosity and capability. Learn More

Humane Education

Become a “solutionary.” The MA in Humane Education teaches students to raise awareness and educate effectively about the interconnected issues that affect people, animals, and the environment, with a focus on bringing about long-term, systemic change. The degree is offered through a partnership with the Institute for Humane Education. Learn More

Cutting Out Shapes in Class

Our collaborative environments emphasize learning through meaningful interactions with other adult learners.

Cool Courses Around the Department

The foundation of learning at Antioch is our classrooms — and we strive to give our students some of the most interesting and engaging learning experiences of their lives. Our instructors’ enthusiasm can give you a taste of just how cool these courses are.

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At Antioch, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your graduate degree. We are here to help you get where you want.

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