Antioch University brings to life the brightest ideas and highest ambitions of its students.


Apply your classroom learning to solve real-world problems.


Our emphasis on community involvement distinguishes us from other institutions.


Programs that value both academic excellence and hands-on experience.


Antioch University strikes a rare and essential balance between idealism and experience.

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What’s next on your career path?

At Antioch University, we cater to students who know where they want to go as well as those who  need time to explore before deciding on a destination. At Antioch, you’re engaged in an  innovative, hands-on educational model that goes beyond the classroom, and that allows you to  gain real-world experience in your field long before graduation day.

A key element of Antioch’s unique style is our distinctive faculty. Many members of our faculty  are not only employed by Antioch University but also work in their respective fields, giving you  the added advantage of learning from those with hands-on experience.

At Antioch University, you will develop valuable skills that prepare you for your next job, career  or life stage. Real-life experiences in your desired field, combined with a teaching staff unlike any  other, are what make us distinct.

Why wait any longer to begin the rest of your life? Explore Antioch University today to see what  our flexible, innovate learning style can do for you. To learn more, start by reading our story and please review our viewbook as well.

Inclusion and Diversity Statement