Master of Education

MEd in Waldorf Education


Educate students through creative learning.

Waldorf education is one of the fastest-growing independent school movements in the world, with more than 1,000 Waldorf Schools in 60 countries. By placing an emphasis on imagination, teachers who leverage this approach are better equipped to encourage students to think creatively, critically, and empathetically. It allows students to develop important artistic and social skills while also promoting free thinking and moral responsibility.

This degree is offered by AU New England.

The Waldorf Teacher Education Program at Antioch University New England has been at the forefront of Waldorf teacher education in the United States for more than 30 years. We continue to meet the very great need and demand for exceptionally trained Waldorf teachers. Become a part of this revolutionary shift in how educators are teaching, inspiring, and encouraging the next generation of learners.

Summer residency in Wilton, NH, will take place in person July 13-28, 2024, with some synchronous online classes June 25-28.

Program Overview

The Program unfolds through a combination of group coursework, independent study, and practical experience. The main features are:

  • in-depth study of how the Waldorf curriculum meets the child’s cognitive, emotional, and moral needs
  • in-depth exploration of the theoretical foundations of Waldorf education and anthroposophy
  • a learning community to which the student contributes personal experience, insight, and research
  • professional seminars to reflect on direct school experiences, practice, and other aspects of the program
  • course instructors with fresh insights from direct classroom practice with children
  • artistic courses which develop creative capacities for application in the art of teaching and personal development
  • exhilarating and demanding summer intensive sessions in a retreat setting on the scenic hilltop campuses of  a 200-acre Waldorf school in Wilton, New Hampshire
  • personal, social, and professional connections with individuals and schools that last a lifetime

Antioch University offers a Specialization in Public Waldorf Teacher Education that can be added to this program. Please inquire with Admissions for details.

Delivery Models

As a fully accredited university, Antioch is uniquely able to offer several degree options and delivery models for Waldorf Teacher Education:

Master of Education

32 credits, including the AWSNA-approved Waldorf Certificate

  • Year-Round Delivery for those who want to earn a Waldorf certificate in 5 consecutive semesters (including weekend residencies for two fall semesters in Keene, NH) and plan to complete a Master’s Project (average time to completion of 3 additional semesters). 
  • Summer Sequence for those who live farther away and cannot commute to weekend residencies in Keene, NH, in the fall semesters.  This delivery model involves 5 academic semesters over 25 months (with fall semesters off). After completion of certificate work, students complete a Master’s Project (average time to completion of 3 additional semesters) to earn their master’s degree.

Master of Education, Transdisciplinary Focus on Healing Education
32 credits, 4 semesters. Also available as a 28-credit certificate. For experienced Waldorf educators and anthroposophical practitioners. Summer sequence program.

Also Available:

Waldorf Certificate (approved by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America) 28 credits to earn certification to teach in Waldorf schools in North America and many places worldwide.

Career Outlook

The demand for trained Waldorf teachers nationwide and worldwide is growing. This program prepares our students for possible careers such as:

  • Elementary Waldorf Class Teacher
  • Elementary Waldorf Special Subjects Teacher (Foreign Language, Handwork, Physical Education, and other subjects)
  • Waldorf Charter school teacher for which the MEd with State Certification is a professional asset
  • Experienced Waldorf educators (including early childhood teachers) and anthroposophical practitioners are served by the MEd. in career development.

Education Programs at Antioch University New England value colleagueship and strong learning communities. We offer a 10% discount for 3 or more students from the same school or school district who attend any of our AUNE Education MEd or Certificate programs at the same time. Specific limitations and conditions apply. You can find more information here.

If you think you are eligible, kindly contact Carol Renzelman, AUNE Education Department Administrative Director.

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