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Turn Your Passion into Your Life’s Work

Counseling and Therapy programs intertwine theory with practice, valuing both academic excellence and hands-on clinical experience. At Antioch University New England, you develop the clinical skills that help your clients, while applying your emerging unique professional style. Antioch University New England is known for producing many of the best mental health professionals in New England and in the country

Department of Applied Psychology: Mission and Philosophy

We provide guided experiential learning to equip counselors, therapists, educators, supervisors and researchers to serve diverse people and communities. Social justice is foundational to all our programs.


We foster a multicultural environment that advocates for social justice in the mental health field. Competence in clinical work includes the ability to work from a multicultural perspective with a broad spectrum of people as well as the development of multi-faceted approaches and intervention skills that facilitate change. Understanding how one’s own cultural, social, and economic background influences interaction with others is a vital part of developing clinical competence.

Programs focus on an examination of the mental health practitioner’s role in the larger contexts of society and the global village and encourage students to develop a personal philosophy of psychological, social, and cultural change.

The Department of Applied Psychology offers Master’s Programs in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Dance/Movement Therapy, and Marriage and Family Therapy. In consonance with Antioch University New England’s practice-oriented educational philosophy of learning through experience, these programs intertwine theory and practice through the integration of small classroom learning with concurrent practica and internships. They offer motivated learners a unique place in which to receive quality educational experiences through an examination of their own strengths and affinities within the field.

Our students are exposed to a variety of theoretical approaches based on the belief that multiple perspectives are the best preparation to practice with a diverse clientele. The faculty believe that therapeutic skills grow from the development of one’s self in the role of clinician. The department is committed to promoting change for individuals, couples, families, and groups on both societal and global levels and supporting justice and equity for all people. We encourage students to develop a philosophy of change that integrates these values.

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Develop Your Own Philosophy

Active exchanges with faculty-practitioners stimulate your thinking as you examine the role of the mental health practitioner in the larger context of society and the global village. This environment fosters professional and personal growth and inspires your thinking as you develop a personal philosophy of psychological, social, and cultural change.

Practice in the Community

Antioch University New England’s fundamental belief in practical learning is reflected in all Department of Applied Psychology programs. You practice and apply what you learn in practica and internships that are close to home and rooted in community service.

Learn from Experienced Mental Health Counselors

Not only do your faculty teach, but they also practice outside the classroom. Because they work in the field and are active in regional and national organizations, they integrate standards of care and changes in the field into Applied Psychology program curricula.

Program Delivery

Antioch University New England students take both face-to-face and online courses. Students in Applied Psychology programs may take a number of common core courses that are offered in a flexible online format. The core courses include tracks for each program as well as common content. To accommodate working students, on-campus courses are offered one to two days per week (for example, on Tuesdays or Tuesday and Wednesday). Part-time options are available for students seeking additional flexibility.

Academic and experiential coursework, practica, and internships provide a comprehensive training experience for the students. The Applied Psychology coursework sequence is designed to provide the foundation for understanding the individual, interpersonal, family, and social domains of human experience. The curricula all involve integrated sequential learning experiences utilizing theoretical, experiential and clinical approaches.

Programs Offered by the AUNE Applied Psychology Department:

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (On-campus)

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Online)

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Substance Abuse Counseling Concentration

Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Post-Master’s)

Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Addictions Counseling

Dance/Movement Therapy

MA in Dance / Movement Therapy: Marriage & Family Therapy

Certificate in Dance/Movement Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy

PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy

MA in Marriage and Family Therapy

Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy (post-Master’s)

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