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Antioch University has several facilities in New England. Most administrative offices, library, academic and student support services, GIS Lab, Herbarium, and classroom space can be on the main campus at 40 Avon Street.  

Additional classroom space is also available at the new annex at 225 West Street, a five-minute walk from the Avon Street facility. The large classrooms and meeting space are ideal for residencies and workshops.

Glover’s Ledge is located 30 minutes north of Keene in Langdon, NH, and is used for several purposes, including occasional classes and workshops. In June 2014, after attending a forest management course at AUNE, a local resident donated 76 acres of forest to the university. In 2018, an additional 4 acres and a building were added on as part of the property.

Campus Building Hours

The Avon Street building is generally open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm for administrative offices and classes, or will close one-half hour after the end of the last scheduled class.

When classes are scheduled on the weekends, the building hosting classes (Avon St and/or the West St annex) will be open one-half hour before, and after the end of the last class. On those days when there are no classes scheduled, but the administrative offices are open, the appropriate campus facilities are generally open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Room Scheduling and Requests

Classroom scheduling has priority for all  Antioch University New England (AUNE) locations. Classes and residencies are scheduled by the academic departments on a regular basis. If you would like to request a room for a non-class activity, please fill out a Room Request. Requests that are not part of a class activity, or an educational event sponsored by an academic program, may incur a rental fee. 

To confirm if space is available, or for more information on rental of the space please contact the Director of Events and Campus Services or the Front Desk.  

For assistance with room setup, please complete the  Room Setup Form.

Repairs and Safety Concerns

If you notice something that needs repair or attention, please submit a Work Request here. This list is checked several times daily and assists the custodians and building owners to keep abreast of needed repairs. It is important to know about all safety concerns, no matter how minor.

All custodians have keys to the campus buildings and one will carry the campus cell phone when they are on campus working.

Custodian’s Cell  (603) 258-0744

If you have an immediate safety concern, please refer to the Emergency Preparedness Manual for the Emergency Contact list for campus and in the Keene community. 

Safety and Emergencies

External Emergency Contacts

  • Keene Police 9-911 (on-campus phones) or 911 (cell phones)
  • Keene Fire Dept. 9-911 (on-campus phones) or 911(cellphones)
  • Cheshire Medical Center 603-354-5400 (located at 580-590 Court Street, Keene, New Hampshire)

General Emergency Response Guidelines

The EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS MANUAL  covers all types of emergencies in addition to fire and building evacuation- including Medical, Weather, and Personal Safety. Please use it as a reference and keep it handy.

Campus Security Information

Since Antioch is a private university, access to our Campus is limited to current and prospective students, employees, and their guests. A community member should report anyone in the building they suspect is not a member of the educational community to the Shift Custodian (603) 258-0744.

Antioch employees who are involved with security matters are authorized to take the actions required to protect Antioch community members from immediate danger. They are not legal law enforcement officers so they will immediately call the Keene Police Department when there is a danger to people or the facilities. It is Antioch’s policy to respond quickly to any threats to the safety of students, employees, or Antioch property. At off-campus sites, criminal activity should be reported to the Site Director or faculty member present, who will in turn notify the appropriate local authority.

The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, Title II of Public Law 101-542 requires an institution to begin to collect certain information about crimes on campus. It also requires that the institution prepare, publish and distribute this information to all current students, employees, and any applicants for enrollment or employment upon request. The spirit of this legislation is to make our campus a safer place through awareness, clear channels of communication, and encouraging each of us to take reasonable precautions. View AUNE’s Campus Crime & Safety Report

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