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PsyD in Clinical Psychology

Antioch University is dedicated to offering a life-changing educational experience for adult learners pursuing a successful career and a meaningful life.


Prepare for Multiple Roles in the Expanding World of Clinical Psychology

Whether you’re interested in therapy and assessment, supervision, management, applied research, administration, consultation, or public policy our doctorate program fosters multicultural competency and social justice concepts and placements.

Authentic relationships are at the core of this program. At Antioch University, you’ll join a community of students and faculty who are active, engaged, and socially conscious. You’ll be part of a small cohort of classmates in an environment that fosters collaboration.

Program Features

  • Opportunities for students to develop their clinical, applied research, and assessment skills
  • Designed to ensure that every student receives a broad, generalist doctoral-level training based on current and evolving trends in the field of clinical psychology
  • A competency-based system to measure student achievement of our program’s goals and objectives.
  • The core competencies reflect psychologists’ multiple roles and Antioch’s broader mission by including advocacy for social change.
  • Practicum, pre-internship, and clinical internship placements may include working in the AUS Community Counseling and Psychology Clinic and/or a variety of community engagements.
  • A clinical internship:  a required full-time year or half-time two-year placement for advanced training in a particular setting in professional psychology.
  • National and local clinical internship placements are available.

Career Outlook

Graduates from the AUS PsyD program are currently employed in a wide variety of settings, including:

  • independent practice
  • state and private hospitals
  • healthcare settings and general hospitals
  • community mental health clinics
  • teaching at universities (including at the graduate and doctoral level)
  • medical or psychiatric groups or incorporations
  • state prisons
  • non-profit agencies
  • authoring books
  • conducting professional trainings and workshops
  • providing consultation services
  • Native American tribal agencies
  • forensic practice
  • working with children and adolescents in schools
  • clinics
  • specialty centers.

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