Communications and Marketing

The communications and marketing functions at Antioch University serve all five campuses and our university-wide programs. These two functions are vital components of the university’s efforts to engage with our internal and external audiences.

For communications, please contact:

Matt Cookson Matt Cookson, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer

University Communications
Office: 937-769-1336

For marketing, please contact:

Joanna Gerber Joanna Gerber, Executive Director of Marketing

University Marketing
Office: 310.578.1080 x119

For general inquiries, please contact:

Bonnie Bernet Bonnie Bernet, Administrative Associate

University Communications & Marketing
Office: 937-769-1358


Campus Marketing Managers:


KellyLeff-Headshot_Cropped Kelly Leff, Marketing Manager

Antioch University Midwest


Nick Vail Headshot Nick Vail, Marketing Manager

Antioch University Seattle