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General CounselWe welcome you to the website of the Office of General Counsel. We hope that you will use the resources that we have compiled here, from the Antioch University Policies to our many Compliance Resources.

As the legal department of Antioch University, we help ensure that we meet our mission by properly navigating the legal, ethical and regulatory environment in which we operate. Our work broadly includes governance and enterprise risk management, ethical and regulatory compliance, a wide array of transactional work, and traditional legal matters such as claims and lawsuits.  All our work is undertaken in the best interest of Antioch University and we act in accordance with the ethical and professional standards of the legal profession.

Together, Bill Groves and Rebecca Todd bring over 60 years of legal experience to Antioch University. In the summer of 2015, Mary Granger joined them as Contracts Specialist. She works closely with Rebecca in reviewing the wide range of agreements in which Antioch University is a party. Jeannie Spinnati, with significant experience as a paralegal, assists with the work of the Office of General Counsel.

We in the Office of General Counsel look forward to working with you to help identify, prevent, and mitigate legal risks for the University. If you have questions about how the Office of General Counsel operates, please see FAQs below.

Each year, Antioch University publishes a campus security report for each of its five campuses (Antioch University Los Angeles, Antioch University Midwest, Antioch University New England, Antioch University Santa Barbara, and Antioch University Seattle) in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, or the Clery Act. This federal law requires institutions to publish an annual report that includes crime statistics for the prior three years, policy statements regarding campus safety and security measures, crime prevention program descriptions, and procedures to be followed in the investigation and prosecution of alleged sex offenses. The Clery Act also requires colleges and universities to keep an up-to-date crime log, to issue warnings in the event of a crime that may threaten the safety of students or employees, and to keep accurate crime statistics.

The United States Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education provides a rapid customized report for public inquires relating to all campus crime data, called the Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool. All Antioch University campus crime data can be found on the Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting tool website at Antioch University encourages strongly all students and employees to report accurately and promptly any suspected crime to security personnel and appropriate law enforcement agencies. In addition, you may view the 2016 Clery Reports for the five Antioch University campuses below:

Antioch University Los Angeles
Antioch University Midwest
Antioch University New England
Antioch University Santa Barbara
Antioch University Seattle

The Office of General Counsel has created these Compliance Resources to assist with Antioch University’s federal and state compliance efforts. All institutions of higher education must comply with a wide range of ever-changing federal laws and regulations. And being a multi-campus University we must also comply with state laws and regulations in California, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Washington State.

If you have a compliance related question, please feel free to contact Rebecca Todd, Associate General Counsel, at

Available Resources

Compliance Calendar

Compliance Hotline

Compliance Repository

Compliance Tickler

Higher Education Compliance Alliance

The Office of General Counsel provides legal advice and representation to Antioch University, including each of its campuses and programs. This includes providing advice and counsel to members of the Board of Governors, Boards of Trustees, administrators, faculty and staff acting in their official capacities on issues affecting Antioch University. The Office of General Counsel does not represent individuals in personal legal matters outside the scope of University business.

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Antioch University develops and implements policies to advance its mission, manage institutional risk, promote operational efficiency and achieve compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements. The links on this page provide convenient access to university-wide policies and rules. This page does not contain an exhaustive list of university policies. Antioch University is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of all university policies and is working diligently to review, revise and develop additional policies. Any new or revised policies will be uploaded after final approval. Please check back frequently. It is the responsibility of all Antioch University employees to review and familiarize themselves with university policies. View all Antioch University Policies

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