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Commencement Ceremonies

Antioch University commencement ceremonies are held each spring or summer to honor and celebrate the graduates who will have completed degrees in the preceding academic year. Participation in the ceremony is voluntary. Students who are eligible for graduation will automatically be sent information on how to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Commencement is a day of celebration managed by campuses and is not an official degree conferral/graduation date.

The official awarding of degrees is managed through the Registrar Degree Conferral process, and students receive their diploma or certificate after their term of completion rather than at commencement ceremonies. The degree date on transcripts and diplomas is based on the term of completion rather than commencement dates.

Degree Conferral

Degree Conferral Information and Graduation Application instructions will be provided by the Registrar’s Office and are sent based on the student program’s Anticipated Completion Date (ACD). Students should update their ACD to coincide with their term of completion to ensure they receive this information in a timely way.

Check each campus’s commencement page for updated details.

Campus-Specific Commencement Information

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