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MEd in Waldorf Education (Summer Sequence)

Enlighten. Inspire. Effectively educate.

Waldorf schools are inherently self-administered with decisions made on site by faculty, staff and trustees. This allows for a truly fluid educational experience; child-centered and responsive to the changing needs of the student. Our Waldorf certifications will train you in theory and methodology while simultaneously incorporating hands-on opportunities and experiential learning. This approach enhances your ability to make an immediate impact on the educational experience of your students. Become a part of this revolutionary shift in how educators are teaching, inspiring, and encouraging the next generation of learners. This degree is offered by AU New England.


Program Overview

Students who only want to focus on Waldorf education and do not want state certification can earn a 32-credit Waldorf MEd in Elementary Education in the year-round on-campus program, or the summer sequence program. Those with bachelor’s, or master’s degrees are eligible for this program. New! Antioch University is now offering a Specialization in Public Waldorf Teacher Education that can be added to this program. Please inquire with Admissions for details.

Degree Requirements

To earn this degree, students must successfully complete a minimum of 32 credits distributed as follows:

Theoretical & Philosophical Foundations of Education
  • Human Development
  • Evolving Consciousness
  • Anthroposophy-Projective Geometry
  • Foundations of Human Experience
  • Education For Social Renewal
Curriculum & Instruction
  • Waldorf Elementary Curriculum Seminar
  • Science Curriculum
  • Waldorf Math and Language Arts
  • Painting 1
  • Painting 2
  • Music Curriculum
  • Drawing
  • Eurythmy 1
  • Speech 1
  • Speech 2
Education & Social Policy
  • Research for Social & Personal Change
  • Adolescent
Plus non-credit required courses
  • Eurythmy
  • Arts to Accompany Foundations
  • Today’s Child
Teaching Internship or Practicum
Master’s Project

For course descriptions, please see the current course catalog.

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