BA in Liberal Studies, Communication & Marketing

This exciting field of communication and marketing draws upon knowledge from several key disciplines including psychology, sociology, and economics. Learn how to harness critical thinking and media industry best practices to be an agent of change. Address the profound effect that effective communication and marketing have on today’s society. Delve into the narrative process and forms of message distribution and human perspectives. You’ll learn the importance of tracking and engaging in the most recent trends to stay ahead of your field, ultimately leading to a successful career. At AUSB, you’ll join a peer community where you receive personal attention in small class sizes. Measure your success through applied learning and community projects, not one-size-fits-all tests. Apply up to 135 quarter (90 semester) transfer units, and learn about prior learning credits. Become part of a powerful community of engaged students of all backgrounds, and acquire the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to meet your goals. This degree is offered by AU Santa Barbara.


Program Overview

Whether you are currently a community college student, a busy parent or worker, a veteran, or an international student, our Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree completion program is designed to support your personal, academic, and professional goals at any point in your life or career path. Our approach to learning and teaching is reflective, experiential, and engaging, led by experienced faculty who demonstrate mastery in their professions. We combine academic instruction and hands-on experience to build important intellectual and professional tools centered around six core purposes – Critical Thinking, Diverse Perspectives, Social Justice, Applied Learning, Communication, and Self-Awareness – designed to graduate globally-aware citizens, socially-responsible leaders, and highly marketable graduates. AUSB’s Communication and Marketing concentration prepares you for present and future opportunities within this ever-developing and innovative field. Current customer needs and marketing approaches are studied and analyzed throughout the three core aspects of the program:

  • Effective Communication: expressing ideas and arguments to create persuasive communications
  • Consumer psychology and decision making: consumer choices and the effects of various marketing strategies on these results
  • Marketing research and forecasting: measuring and modeling consumer preferences
  • Marketing strategy: using consumer and competitor data to determine resource allocation

Degree Requirements


Engaging professors draw from a combination of courses in social and behavior sciences (economics, sociology, psychology) and quantitative studies (accounting, statistics, computer science, management science) to provide a comprehensive classroom experience. Details on degree requirements for our BA in Liberal Studies

Career Outlook

A strong foundation in communication and marketing opens the doors to positions as a social media director, public relations manager, communications director marketing assistant, brand manager, advertising account specialist, online retail agent, and market research analyst — and helps prepare you for a graduate degree in business, such as our MBA program.

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