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Gregory Bryant, MA

Antioch University Los Angeles

Gregory Bryant specializes in the education and professional development of students, teachers and administrators with a focus on progressive and constructivist elementary mathematics, the sciences and technology. As a credentialed public and community based teacher, his work is designed to support the public and private sectors by expanding the development and retention of mathematic and science students in local schools and industry. He works with teachers, community, public and civil servant groups pursuing career growth and lifelong learning. His 30 plus years of experience as an educator congeal to support all entities that promote education and share an interest in building a viable civic, socially successful and ecological future.

Educational History

MA, Education, Leadership and Change, Antioch University, Los Angeles

BA, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Greg Bryant, Adjunct Faculty, Antioch University (photo of)

Adjunct Faculty,

Undergraduate Studies

Adjunct Faculty,

MA in Education Program


Courses Taught

Math for Social Change (MAT 3060)

Math in the Real World (MAT 3210)

Real World Mathematics (TEP 5070)

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