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Jon Wergin joined Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change as a Professor of Education Studies in 2003, following a 30-year career at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he won awards for both teaching (1996) and scholarship (1998). He was the founding director of the Forum on Faculty Roles and Rewards in the American Association for Higher Education in 1992, and continued an active association with AAHE until 2004, focusing his scholarship on leadership and change in higher education.

He is the author or co-author of 18 books and monographs, 13 book chapters, and 64 scholarly papers, and has given invited addresses to more than 100 colleges, universities, and professional organizations on such topics as faculty development, evaluation research, professional education, curriculum development in higher education, evaluation and change in higher education, and department chair development.  His most recent book is Deep Learning in a Disorienting World. After nearly 20 years with Antioch, Jon moved to semi-retirement status in July 2020.

Jon Wergin

Professor Emerit

PhD in Leadership and Change

PhD, University of Nebraska, 1973

Practicing professionals learn best when they are able to bring practice-based insights into the learning setting and make meaning of them with fellow practitioners.  My role as teacher is to facilitate that process, helping students link their practice wisdom to key ideas in leadership & change, and to help them develop stronger skills in critical reflection along the way.

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Outstanding Research Award, VCU School of Education, 1998.

Charles Ruch Award for Outstanding Teaching, VCU School of Education, 1996

Best Scholarly Publication, Division I of AERA, 1994 (for Educating Professionals, with Lynn Curry).

International Leadership Association

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