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Antioch University
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Michael Anthony-Nalepa is a licensed marriage & family therapist, as well as a graduate of the Antioch MAP program. Outside of teaching, he also serves as executive director of both Therapy UnScripted (a private practice with 4 locations across California) and the non-profit therapy collective Affordable Los Angeles Therapy. His work is rooted in the neuroscience of story-telling, as well as queer-affirmative and kink-expansive psychology. When not participating in clinical work, he enjoys his playing around in the fields of visual art, interior design, and animal rescue work.

Michael Anthony-Nalepa, LMFT

Adjunct Faculty

MA in Clinical Psychology

Undergraduate Studies

  • BFA, University of Southern California
  • MA in Clinical Psychology, Antioch University
  • Postmodern Approaches to Addiction: PSY-3310B
  • Cognitive Psychology: PSY-433
  • Psychology of Addiction: PSY-336
  • Applications of Psychology in the 21st Century: PSY-363
  • Deconstructing Bullying: PSY-390
  • Eco-Psychology: PSY-333
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