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Tricia Teneycke

Antioch University Seattle

Dr. Teneycke is Core Faculty in the School of Applied Psychology teaching for the Art Therapy, CFT, and CMHC programs. She has a private practice and holds psychologist and mental health counseling (LMHC) licenses, is a board certified and registered art therapist (ATR-BC), a registered EMDR practitioner, and is a WA state approved supervisor. Her past clinical experience includes working with the chronically mentally in both in-patient and out-patient community mental health settings, as well as providing counseling and assessment for clients in forensic, university, and medical settings. Her current clinical and research interests include Art Therapy assessment instruments and the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in the treatment of trauma and chronic pain conditions.

  • De Martini, C., Teneycke, T., Ringgold, N., Ranaldi, A., Whitsitt, L., & Hoshino, J. (2003). The Combination of yoga and art therapy and their effect on the perception of body image: A pilot study. Yoga Studies On-line Journal (2).
  • Mucci, N., & Teneycke, T. (2009). The Neuropsychology of Art Therapy. Poster presentation at the Washington State Psychological Association’s Fall Convention.
  • Teneycke, T. (1998). Eating disorders and affective disorders: Is there a connection? A study involving the Diagnostic Drawing Series. Bachelor’s thesis prepared for the Psychology Department, University of Regina, Canada.
  • Teneycke, T. (1998). Eating and Affective Disorder: Is there a relationship? A study of the Diagnostic Drawing Series. Student symposium at the Canadian Psychological Association’s (CPA) Annual Conference.
  • Teneycke, T. (2002). The Bridge Drawing: An exploration of psychosis. Poster presentation at the American Art Therapy Association’s (AATA) Annual Conference.
  • Teneycke, T., Hoshino, J., & Sharpe, D. (2009). The Bridge Drawing: An exploration of psychosis. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 36, 297–303.
  • Teneycke, T., Ranaldi, A., Whitsitt, L., Ringgold, N., & Luff, C. (2001). Opening Boundaries Through Integrating Therapies: Exploring Body Image Through Art and Yoga. Poster presentation at the American Art Therapy Association’s (AATA) Annual Conference.
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Core Faculty,

Art Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy

School of Applied Psychology, Counseling and Family Therapy


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