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Technology Requirements for Antioch University Online

Quick links for current students to download the apps needed to participate in AU Online courses. These are free apps; you will need to create login profiles.

Basic Skills Needed

Antioch University Online is a 100% online learning environment led by our expert program faculty. Students are expected to have the following basic technological skills upon entrance into their program:

  • Ability to access the Internet and use an Internet browser and search engine
  • Basic word processing and spreadsheet applications
  • Ability to send and receive electronic mail
  • Ability to send, receive, and make changes to a word-processing document

If you have little or no experience with these technologies, additional skill development prior to enrollment is highly recommended for your learning experience. Please contact our Admissions Counselors if you have additional questions.

Computer Requirements & Cost

All students are required to have a computer and Internet access. For students who need to purchase a computer to meet these requirements, the costs can be covered through your financial aid package. Please contact [email protected] for further information.

Internet Connectivity

Consistent and reliable access to a high-speed Internet connection (e.g. cable/DSL) is strongly recommended. Slower modem connections via telephone lines (56K modems) may negatively impact your productivity online.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems Checklist

Hand-held and Tablet Devices

Most hand-held and tablet devices capable of displaying web pages will allow you to view the content of many AU systems. However, the capabilities of these devices vary widely, particularly in their ability to interface with some AU systems (e.g. iPad cannot view Flash content without an additional app). Contact the Antioch Helpdesk (24/7 support) at helpdesk.antioch.edu if you have questions about the compatibility of your device with our systems.

Office Productivity Software

Any word processing program that saves and opens text files, and that saves in multiple file formats, will work for your studies. Antioch University recommends that faculty and students trade files in .doc/.docx format to prevent incompatibilities. A good choice for students in general is a current version of a software suite, such as Microsoft Office, that includes word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and other useful software. Some new computer purchases have this software already installed.

Productivity Software Alternatives


Current Antioch University Online students can contact the AU Helpdesk 24/7 at helpdesk.antioch.edu if you have questions about hardware and software compatibility.

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