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The Student Life Office provides connection for students within our Antioch University Seattle community. The office represents and supports student interests and issues, and Student Life staff participate in ad hoc committees. Staff also organize Student Assembly, an ongoing, open student group where ideas are generated and implemented.

The Student Life Office also serves as a resource for students by:

  • Hosting student receptions, speaking engagements, and other events – most of them free!
  • Facilitating leadership and networking opportunities by helping initiate projects, activities, and events throughout the AUS community!
  • Sending out a weekly newsletter of events and important information to all students.
  • Updating the bulletin board by the dining hub.
  • We are here for AUS Students!

Student Groups

For more information about a group or to form a new group, please contact Student Life: [email protected]

Asian Students Group

Faculty Liaison: Keiko Sano, Patty Peihsuan Liu
Student Leaders: Lingyan Chen, CFT ([email protected]), Rebecca Liu, CMHC ([email protected])

This group is a space for foreign-born Asian students to connect with each other, and support each other in the aspects of career, culture adaptation and language, etc. It also provides a space for Asian perspective conversations around racism because most of the conversations taking place in school or in society are dominated by white or black voices.

Membership Information: Open to all students who came to the U.S. from Asian countries.

Black Student Union

Liaison: Sue Byers
Student Leaders: Danyanaile Hammond ([email protected])

Our mission is to addresses the academic needs and cultural realities on campus by encouraging inclusion and cultural diversity at AUS, with special regard to students of African descent. We are dedicated to enhancing and supporting the educational experience and institutional equity by partnering with students by partnering with the student body, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and the community.

Christian Perspectives in Practice

Liaison: Anthony Pennant
Student Leaders: Vero Lecocq ([email protected]) & Carrie Bridges ([email protected])

Our goals as a student group are to connect students to discuss the ethical integration of faith in professional practice and to promote positive relationships among all people. Although our focus is on Christian beliefs, we welcome people of other faiths to share and discuss the roles religion and spirituality play in life and in therapy. We do this through respectful discussion, whether in formal or informal meetings. Please join the discussion and build relationships with people from a variety of faiths. If you have questions or requests for prayer, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Counselors of Color Support Group

Liaison: Keiko Sano
Student Leaders: Amy Rastogi ([email protected]) & Krista Merca ([email protected])

Our mission is to offer support for students of color currently enrolled in the counseling programs at AUS, to share and discuss the unique challenges counselors of color face, and to exchange resources. For Master’s level Antioch University students in counseling programs (CMHC, CFT, & CAT) who identify themselves as a person of color. Note: While no counseling is offered, referrals are available.

Counselors for Social Justice/Students for Social Justice

Liaison: Mariaimee Gonzalez and Tanya Johnson
Student Leader: Amy Rastogi ([email protected]) & Carina Ziegler ([email protected])

Our mission is to work in tandem to promote social justice in our society through confronting oppressive systems of power and privilege that affect, not only professional counselors and their clients but our society as a whole. The groups will work to assist in instituting positive change in our society through the professional development of counselors and students.


Liaison: Sara Beth Lohre
Student Leaders: Amy Brownell ([email protected])

JUNTA is a support group for all AUS students and alumni focused on mutual improvement and the professional development of projects, programs, and niches toward social justice.

LGBTQ+ Group

Liaison: Michael Buchert
Student Leaders:Morgan Shields and Jess Minckley ([email protected] )

Our mission is to be a safe space for LGBTQ+ and allied students, staff, faculty, and alumni to create meaningful connections, community advocacy opportunities, and empowering discourse.

Pandemic Student Support Group

Student Liaisons: Amy Rastogi & Carrie Ancel
Faculty Liaisons: Dr. Maria Gonzalez & Dr. Cayla Minaiy

This group aims to create opportunities for students to share experiences and exchange resources, as well as provide much-needed social engagement. The call to shelter-in-place is vital to prevent the spread of coronavirus in our community. However, for many of us enrolled at AUS, the unprecedented level of isolation can create profound feelings of disconnection and loneliness. Maintaining a real-time connection with others has become even more critical for our emotional and mental health and well being. All students experiencing isolation and wishing to connect with others in a supportive environment are welcome regardless of program affiliation.

Parent Support Group

Student Liaison: Shelena Yarukhina
Faculty Liaison: Katherine Fort

The goals of this group are to create a forum to discuss the difficulties navigating parenthood and to exchange resources. Having a baby can be an isolating experience. We created this group to help reduce that feeling of isolation and to support those who plan to have a baby, are currently pregnant, have partners that are pregnant, or who became parents while enrolled in the counseling programs at AUS. This group is open to students in the Master’s level Antioch University counseling programs (CMHC, CFT, & CAT).

Postcards to Voters

Liaison: Beverly Stuart
Student Leader: Carina Ziegler ([email protected])

Our mission is to strengthen our civic muscles and to write postcards to voters across the country about the issues that concern us and in support of candidates who align with social justice values.  Postcards to Voters meets on Mondays from 1-2 p.m. in the library.

PsyD Program – Psychodynamic Student Interest Group

Liaison: Dr. Michael Sakuma
Student Leaders:  Abi Martin ([email protected]) & Lori Woehler ([email protected])

Our mission is to support and promote Antioch PsyD program students’ exposure to psychodynamic theory, practice, research, and scholarship.

Student Veterans

Liaison: Erica Holmes ([email protected])
VET Navigator Leader: Sheryl Truhn ([email protected])

Our mission is to provide mentoring and resources for veterans and active military, as well as support for family members of veterans. Our services include weekly discussions, supporting the veteran experience on campus, seeking community resources for veterans, and current research on best practices for student veteran success. Meetings are collaborative, involving faculty, administration, student veterans, and those using transferred GI Bill benefits. All are invited.

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