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The new Seattle campus, which opened its doors in January 2017,  sits in the heart of the Belltown neighborhood, within view of the Puget Sound. The building’s layout encourages interaction, with open spaces and glass dividers that allow students to share their ideas and energy without the confinement of traditional overly dark walls.

Light plays an experiential role in the space, with the building’s design firm, Gensler, selecting the dappled light of a forest canopy as their inspiration for illumination. Natural light brightens the campus from the ceiling-to-floor windows.

The campus as a whole reflects the open spaces and feel of the best of the Pacific Northwest—natural beauty and technology that encourages people to explore.

And there’s so much to explore. From the student lounge, to the dining hub, to the study rooms, there are plenty of new areas that encourage students to relax, learn, and collaborate.

Focus Rooms
Students have the ability to reserve rooms electronically for their studying and meeting needs, and can look up availability and book rooms remotely.

Campus Dining Hub
The new campus boasts a dining hub to bring community together in the age-old tradition of sharing food, or just hanging out in a room with plenty of natural light and open space.

Dividable Classrooms
The classrooms are dividable so they morph to suit class needs. More room for bigger happenings, and less for intimate ones.

Lecture Hall
Get together in the new lecture hall, featuring lots of space for events and speakers to engage students.

Outdoor View Balcony
Unwind on our spectacular private balcony with views of the sound and city.

Lounge Lobby
Our lobby lets in plenty of natural light to read by or relax in.

Program Villages
The AUS campus is sustainable and collaborative, and we developed the villages with that in mind. Each village houses a program, and faculty share areas in each village, maximizing space.

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