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Ann Lippincott, PhD, is a member of the MAETC Advisory Board and has taught the Reading and Language Arts curriculum courses for MAETC students since its inception. She spent the first decade of her career as a classroom teacher serving linguistically and culturally diverse student populations. She received her Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Certification in 1978, and completed her MA degree with a Bilingual Specialist Credential in 1984. She earned her doctorate in Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1999. Ann has taught in Micronesia, Argentina, Chile, México, Perú, and Uruguay.

Ann was a Fulbright Scholar in South America in 1988, where she worked with teachers of English in the Southern Cone countries. She has done similar work as an Academic Specialist under contract with the United States Information Agency since 1986. She is currently working with the teacher education program at UCSB and AUSB, as well as serving as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Mental Wellness Center and leading elementary school students on nature hikes as a docent for the Arroyo Hondo Nature Preserve.

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