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Peer Writing Consultant (Virtual Writing Center) [Work-Study]

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Supervisor: John Dunham
Supervisor’s Email: [email protected]
Alternate Supervisor(s): Kat Bell, [email protected]
Number of Positions: 4
Hours per Week: 10
Weekends Required: Some
Evenings Required: Some
*Must be currently enrolled in an Antioch Masters or Doctoral program with an available Federal Work-Study award*

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Job Description
Peer Writing Consultants work with Antioch’s Virtual Writing Center to provide written feedback on writing. VWC Peer Consultants are primarily responsible for reviewing and responding to student writing submissions (6-10hrs). Peer Consultants monitor the virtual queue for writing submissions and live session requests, responding to work in a timely fashion starting with the oldest submissions. Consultants provide feedback in written responses and embedded comments in papers. The feedback is based on a hierarchy of needs: first, alignment with the assignment; second, higher order concerns such as organization, information development, and thesis; third, suggestions for lower order concerns such as grammar and syntax. Consultants will also confer with the VWC Director regularly.
Consultants’ secondary responsibilities are attending monthly group professional development meetings and one-on-one check-in meetings; reading and reviewing related resources; and engaging in collaboration with other consultants (2-4hrs). Most consultants also engage in ancillary work related to resource development and writing, such as the VWC newsletter or other special projects.

VWC Consultants must have a strong proficiency in writing and facility with online communication. Consultants should be effective collaborators and communicators interested in supporting other AU students’ growth as writers. Consultants should also be interested in contributing to ongoing conversation and improvement of composition/writing center theory and practices. As nearly all VWC work is virtual, consultants must have a strong self-directed work ethic and be able to regularly schedule and fulfill their VWC responsibilities.
Prior tutoring experience, academic consultation, or peer support work is preferred, but not required. Strong presentation and resume-writing skills are a significant plus. Most importantly, we seek individuals who are reflective and collaborative, able to accept and utilize feedback, and eager to grow and develop their own skills.

To apply for this job email your details to jdunham@antioch.edu

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