Master of Education

MEd for Experienced Educators, Self-Designed

Master the skills you need as an educator.

AUNE has a long tradition of attracting and inspiring educators who think outside the box. Our Teacher Education Self-Designed Concentration builds an infrastructure through six core classes, but then allows you to meet your own personal goals by creating a unique program from courses throughout the department and University. Explore areas that you’re curious and passionate about in order to custom-tailor an educational experience that is personally designed to help you excel personally and professionally. This degree is offered by AU New England.

Program Overview

Meet your own goals by creating a unique program from courses throughout the department and the University. Interested in the connections between problem-based learning and sustainability? Curious about the connection between mindfulness and teaching? Do you want to focus on integrating the arts into your elementary curriculum? It’s all possible here in the Experienced Educators program. As a prospective student, you can talk to a faculty member to propose a course of study, and then your advisor will help guide you through the program to meet your goals.

Degree Requirements

The Self-designed concentration can be completed in 5-7 semesters with fully online and low residency options available. Students can begin in any semester and typically take 3 credits per term. Optional summer classes are available face-to-face in Keene, NH. All students must complete the 15 Core Courses listed in the catalog; their remaining 18 credits are to be designed in conjunction with their academic adviser. Take a look at the catalog for a full list of requirements and courses.

Optional Summer Residencies

If you choose to come to a summer residency instead of doing your program fully online, you can expect one or two weeks of a retreat-like experience in beautiful Keene, NH. Small classes offer lots of hands-on activities, community-based learning opportunities, and a socially engaging week of meeting with your online classmates and AUNE  faculty. In most concentrations, you can choose whether to attend face-to-face classes for either one or two weeks in the summer, and you don’t have to decide in advance. You can consult with your adviser and see what fits your schedule and learning style best.

Dates for residencies

Summer Residency Courses are held the first two full weeks of July following the week of the Fourth of July holiday- typically the first and second or second and third weeks of the month. Depending on your program, you can attend for the first or second week or come for both weeks.

Admissions / Cost / Aid

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